Greatest Vegas Headliners

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1 Greatest Vegas Headliners

When you hear the words – Las Vegas, the first image associations are big colorfully-lit buildings, music-synced fountains, and gambling. No one can dispute that it was gambling that brought the city to prominence, starting before the 1930s as a mob-controlled activity, but with its legalization, hotels were able to control the establishments, which, in turn, became the driving force of the city’s economy.

In recent times, Vegas has slowly lost the title of the world’s premier gambling destination, in large part due to international competition, but also due to the rise of online gambling. People today do everything on their phones, and gambling is another service that has moved onto the digital realm in the form of online casinos. These platforms also provide registered player with tons of attractive casino bonuses.

Now, you can play any game that you can find in a land-based casino from the comfort of your home, for real money. And, you can bet anything from pennies to a couple of hundred on a hand of blackjack or a reel spin. With the amount of games on offer, the most difficult choice you’ll have to make is what to play. Then come the perks like bonus rounds, participation in loyalty programs and progressive jackpots.

However, Vegas didn’t have such benefits to temp people with, they had to lure and keep customers in the city somehow. Side-attractions were needed, and so its showrooms, lounges, theatres, and clubs became homes to some of the biggest names in music history.

Elvis Presley

The King. Perhaps, the artist who is most synonymous with Vegas. After his 1968 TV comeback special, Elvis Presley decided to take his talents to the city of lights and signed a contract to perform at the International starting from the following year. During his seven-year run, he went on a run of 837 consecutive sellout shows, with the first one taking place in July of 1969.

Wayne Newton

Nicknamed “Mr. Las Vegas”, it’s no wonder he made this article, especially if you know that he has performed over 30,000 shows in Sin City, then there is no doubt that Newton has done plenty to earn his moniker. And, not only has he played ever major hotel in the city borders but he would play multiple venues on the same night!

Celine Dion

After her career reached new heights with her single from the movie Titanic, Dion’s rise plateaued, and while still in her peak, she decided to embark on a Vegas adventure. The Circus Maximus at Caesars Palace was brought down to make way for a new and improved venue – The Colosseum. Dion was signed on to a residency contract to make sure that the room was constantly packed.


While there are many interesting facts about Liberace one can list, you have to give him his due and say that in a way he was the original Vegas headliner. He came before anyone else and literally soared in his performances, supported by cables, he flew through the air in jewel-covered costumes. A master showman and one of the few pianists that have captured the public’s imagination, Liberace has left his mark.

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