Comedians That Play Vegas

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1 Comedians That Play Vegas

Comics have a difficult job. It’s not only that they do public speaking, which can be nerve-racking in of itself, but they have to make a large group of strangers laugh, on queue. If they don’t, well, that could have professional consequences and could make it difficult for them to support their families. Talk about pressure.

What most also don’t understand is that comics do a lot of traveling, they’re probably only second to professional wrestlers in this department. Their job is not set in a fixed location, they have to travel from venue to venue to ply their trade and earn. So, most hope to reach a level where they will be offered the opportunity to do a Vegas Residency at one of the more famous casino hotels.

Vegas used to be the gambling capital of the world, but in the past decade it has passed on that title to Macau, and it’s also lost ground to other competitors, including every new casino online. Today, people prefer to play online casino games on their phones. It’s easy, it’s fast, and they can win life-altering sums with progressive jackpots. Plus, the selection of games on offer is immense, and with perks like free spins, bonus rounds, and loyalty programs, you’ll be doing some gambling for free.
But even though, Vegas is no longer number one when it comes to gambling, it’s still going strong when entertainment is concerned, and comedians are a big part of that. Here are a few that set up shop in Sin City.

Carrot Top

We have to kick things off with this famous ginger as his contract got extended at the Luxor Hotel and Casino till 2025, making him the longest-running comedy act in MGM Resorts history. He started in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. When it comes to prop comedy, Carrot Top is king, only rivaled by Gallagher.

Jerry Seinfeld

If you think that Jerry got all that money form his TV show, tucked tail and ran away from the entertainment business, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Sure, you can see him on his show - Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but he too can be seen in Vegas, as well. Jerry has been performing there since the 90s and has been headlining at Caesar’s Palace since 2006, and he’s still going strong.

Eddie Griffin

You know him for movies such as Deuce Bigelow and Undercover Brother, and though you rarely see him on the big screen anymore, you can catch this funny man at the King’s Room at Rio Las Vegas, where he’s been for a few years now. He touches on all things, including, politics, race, religion, so, be careful as he gets a bit animated.

Jay Leno

Former king of late-night, Leno is no stranger to the City of Lights. He’s been playing Vegas since the 70s. What most don’t know is that even while he was the host of the Tonight Show, he would fly to Vegas on weekends and do his show at the Mirage. And, he still performs there!

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