Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

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Wrap hack

1 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

Silicone molds are amazing for getting eggs perfect for egg sandwiches. You can do a whole egg or a scramble with veggies. Heat at 325ºF for 14 minutes.

2 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

Keep smash burgers thin and from shrinking by using parchment paper to smash them down. Leave on until ready to flip.

3 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

You can cut an uncooked frozen pizza and put the slices in the air fryer for a quick slice!

4 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

Don’t want to dirty 10 bowls for tacos? Use muffin tins!

5 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

A loose leaf tea steeper is the best way to evenly sprinkle flour on a surface, corn starch on proteins, and powdered sugar on desserts.

6 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

Hear me out: Ramen packets make for awesome popcorn seasoning! Mix the powder with some melted butter or margarine and then toss it with the popcorn. Add chili powder for an extra kick.

7 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

It’s ridiculously easy to turn regular yogurt into Greek yogurt + whey! No special equipment is needed. Just use a regular kitchen strainer and a bowl, and put it all in the fridge overnight.

8 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

I cut bacon in half and freeze them in individual pieces. Then I pack them into bags. When I want a little bacon, I can pull exactly what I want and not have to find a use for the whole pound.

9 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

I use an apple corer to prep my roast potatoes.

10 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

When you’re quarantined and want a cheeseburger but only have hot dog buns left

11 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

Use your cast iron pan upside down as a pizza stone.

12 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

I really wanted a hot dog but didn’t have any buns, so I used a baked potato instead.

13 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

The spice decimator

14 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

Collard green BBQ burritos — you’ll never go back to tortillas.
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15 Kitchen Hacks (20 pics)

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