Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

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Terry Crews - Flute player

Terry Crews took flute lessons for seven years during his childhood and is pretty great at it. He even played the flute on an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

1 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Jason Statham - Diver

Statham was such a great diver that he represented Great Britain at the Commonwealth Games in 1990 ad almost made it to the Olympics.

2 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Harrison Ford - Pilot

Ford took flying lessons after graduating from college but never finished. He picked back up at 54 and is now a trained aviator.

3 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Pierce Brosnan - Fire eater

Brosnan gave fire eating a try at a fire-eating clinic in 1969. He’s given a couple of public performances since.

4 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Angelina Jolie - Knife thrower

Angelina Jolie has been collecting knives since childhood and is very skilled at using them.

5 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Neil Patrick Harris - Magician

Neil Patrick Harris is a lover of magic and a member of the prestigious Magic Castle. He was even on the board of directors at one point.

6 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Mark Ruffalo - Unicyclist

Ruffalo learned to ride a unicycle when he was 12, but didn’t get back on one for 25 years.

7 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Conan O’Brien - Tap dancer

Conan O’Brien is a trained tap dancer who was taught by Bill Bojangles Robinson’s protégé as a child.

8 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Vera Wang - Figure skater

The clothing designer started skating at the age of 8 and competed in the 1968 US National Championships.

9 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Susan Sarandon - Ping pong enthusiast

Sarandon loves playing ping pong, and even participated in founding ‘Spin’ which is a ping pong bar franchise.

10 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Nick Offerman - Woodworking

Much like his character Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, Offerman has his own woodworking studio where he crafts everything from kazoos to canoes.

11 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Gene Wilder - Fencing

The actor won the fencing championship at his school, Old Vic Theatre School. He’s also worked as a fencing instructor in the U.S.

12 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Geena Davis - Archer

Davis competed in the 1999 U.S. Olympic semifinals for archery. She placed 24 out of 300.

13 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Margot Robbie - Tattoo artist

The actress likes to tattoo as a hobby and has now completed over 100 tattoos.

14 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Andrew Garfield - Gymnast

Garfield was an accomplished gymnast before he got into acting. In fact, he even showed off his skills by doing a back handspring on Ellen.

15 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)

Will Smith - Rubik’s Cube prodigy

For the Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith trained with Tyson Mao, the world record holder for solving a Rubix Cube blindfolded. He spent 10 straight hours learning from Mao and can now solve the puzzle quickly from any configuration.

16 Celebrity Talents (18 pics)


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