Cute Dogs (31 pics)

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Sonja is living her best life.

1 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Today I met Blue, it was love at first sight, look at her face?!?! Ahhhh my heart exploded. Her owner said she could be petted all day, a job I would happily take on.

2 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Our office recently hired a senior. He’s 15. Has no teeth, can barely smell or hear. But he is perfect.

3 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Thank you to this kind gentleman for directing me to the 2x4s. What lovely staff.

4 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

5 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

The look you get when you don’t cover your nose with your face mask.

6 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

This dog makes everyone so happy at my mom's assisted living!

7 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Dewey is 6 and he sees with his heart... and with his nose and his ears. Blindness does not stop him from enjoying life, or a day at the beach. He has a very loving mom and dad who know how to care for him properly.

8 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Parents sent me a photo of this bouquet of 5 week old puppies.

9 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Teddy is a 2-year-old Saint Bernard. Can you spot the human?

10 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Stop right there, sir. You are simply too sweet to be allowed. This is Cooper, he was out on his first big walkies.

11 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

The cutest scene I've ever spotted in a bus.

12 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Gunner recently had knee surgery, so his human made him his own private elevator. 100/10 would pet again!

13 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Goodnight, pupper.

14 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Spotted two cows.

15 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

I walk past this fence hole every day when I walk my dog. This is all I’ve ever wanted to happen.

16 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

These two goofballs gave me a mini heart attack when they popped up to wall here. No barks, only wanted pets. Would gladly pet these shed monsters again.

17 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

This is Chance. He’s a therapy pupper. He comes to the hospital sometimes when life is hard. He has my heart!

18 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

This pup was too scared to be on an escalator.

19 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Snoozin' through the Atlanta airport.

20 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Jewelry shop Basset.

21 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Met Arnold today. He is 17!

22 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

My mom's newest family addition, Sebastian, has taken quite a liking to the cats.

23 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Got to meet a very happy sleepy 9-week-old dog named Duck today and thought I might die. 16/10 for the softest smiling yawns.

24 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Spotted the most majestic lion watching over his pride in the heart of Hackney. 15/10 would make lengthy eye contact again. Pure floof.

25 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Don't you just love such views while taking a ride in public transportation

26 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

This little Princess came into my work today. Her name is Blu and I can’t handle how tiny she is. She took over my heart.

27 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

New assistant at the local pharmacy.

28 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

Just found the sweetest boy lost in the rain. He started following me as I was walking my dog. The search is currently on for his owners as he waits in the security office at our building. I’ll take him to a vet in the morning to see if he has a microchip.
Happy Update - this boy is reunited back with his owner! His name is ‘Little Black' in Chinese. We are in the middle of typhoon season here in China, so he got spooked yesterday afternoon and ran off, and his dad couldn’t find him anywhere.
He actually ran away from the security office this morning but he came back and I took him to the vet to find his chip. He was so scared he would barely let any vets touch him, But he’s the sweetest boy in all the world.

29 Cute Dogs (31 pics)

30 Cute Dogs (31 pics)


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