TOP-5 most interesting facts about blackjack

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1 TOP-5 most interesting facts about blackjack

Blackjack has been one of the most popular games of chance for centuries. There is no person who has not heard of blackjack, but not everyone knows about its features or interesting stories that happened to fans of this game.

Here is its ranking of the most interesting facts and stories related to blackjack and no deposit bonus casino.

# 1 Blackjack Hall of Fame

Due to the worldwide popularity of the game, in 2003 the California casino Barona created a real hall of blackjack fame. By online voting, only seven of the 21 candidates were chosen to spend in the Hall of Fame in the first year of its existence.

These people were blackjack professionals. Among them: theorist and writer Arnold Schneider, who has written more than 10 books and several hundred articles on gambling, mathematics professor Edward Torm, who proved that card counting works, and another mathematician, Peter Griffin, who devoted his life to the study of blackjack.

Currently, the Hall of Fame can be replenished by only one person per year.

Interestingly, members of this community can eat in the restaurant and stay at the Barona Hotel absolutely free of charge, but they are strictly forbidden to play in the casino here.

# 2 Blackjack is the most profitable card game

Blackjack has many advantages over other games of chance. Blackjack gives players more chances to win. These include relatively simple rules, the ability to mathematically count cards, and an extremely low percentage of player defeats.

No less important is the fact that blackjack is considered the most profitable game in the gambling range, because in it the player has an advantage over the casino. However, in an online casino, thanks to the operation of a random number generator, the chances of the parties are equalized.

# 3 How blackjack broke the casino

Australian Carrie Parker is a media mogul, billionaire, and at the same time a passionate blackjack player. In 1997, he bankrupted MGM Casino, winning $ 30 million in one night. To the delight of his victory, he left the mayor and one of the waitresses $ 1 million "for tea". Interestingly, he later became the owner of a casino called Crown.

# 4 Blackjack saved FedEx

The win of FedEx founder Frederick Smith is considered one of the brightest wins in the history of blackjack. The fact is that the amount of profit was relatively small - 27 thousand dollars, but it was this money that saved FedEx from bankruptcy and helped the company become a global logistics giant.

# 5 Blackjack is Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite game

Historical evidence suggests that the French general considered blackjack his favorite game. Sometimes he spent whole days playing cards, and when there was no one to play with, Napoleon taught the rules of blackjack to his soldiers and played with them. Some historians claim that he played so well that he devised his own strategies and tactics for victory.

Today, all you have to do to play blackjack is turn on your computer and play cards online. However, the gambling should be treated responsibly. All new online casinos Australia 2021 here.

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