Top Tips for Nervous First-Timers

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Phone sex is a curious concept, yet is also surprisingly popular. Which goes some way to explain why the services of professional phone sex girls are in higher demand than ever before.

If you’ve currently nobody in your life to get in on with over the phone, you’re spoilt for choice if you set your sights on the web.

Still, the whole concept of phone sex remains uncharted territory for the vast majority of people. Even the thought of it raises a collective eyebrow, as those who’ve never tried it out worry about things getting weird.

Truth is, phone sex can get very weird, very quickly, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This leads to a catch-22 situation, as newcomers to phone sex inherently don’t know what to do. Practice makes perfect, and we all need to start somewhere.

With this in mind, here’s a brief rundown of a few essential introductory phone sex pointers, provided by those who know exactly what they’re doing:

Ask for Consent

First up, don’t dive head first into the dirty stuff without first performing a temperature check. Of course, getting too formal and asking for ‘permission’ in the conventional sense would be a real passion killer. Nevertheless, it’s important to ask the other person outright if they’d like to give phone sex ago.
If they say yes, bingo. If they say no, don’t try to persuade them – it’ll only end up awkward and disappointing.

Set the Scene

Make sure the surrounding space around you at the time is conducive with what you’re about to do. This means eliminating distractions, ensuring total discretion, and generally getting yourself in the mood. If you’re not in a particularly sexy place at the time, it’s probably not going to happen.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous – spontaneity often holds the key to killer phone sex. Just at least make the effort to turn off the TV, draw the curtains and put some ambient music on.

1 Top Tips for Nervous First-Timers

Describe what You Are Doing

Now comes the time to start getting down to business, which means providing a full account of everything you’re doing. Take your time and go as slow as you like, giving a detailed rundown of the clothes you’re removing, the parts of your body you’re touching and the various tools and toys you’re using.

Keep tabs on the kind of language you use, in accordance with what you know your partner will respond well to. If they’re not normally dirty talkers, avoid anything too crude or vulgar.

Relive a Past Experience

If struggling for inspiration, you need only think back to one of your sexiest past conquests. Think about something that well and truly blew your mind, before slowly but surely describing the whole thing in the first person.

Again, take your time and give a blow-by-blow account of the experience, with plenty of embellishments along the way. If it was a sexual encounter that took place with someone other than your current partner, be careful not to shout out the wrong name!

Watch Romantic Porn

It sounds crazy, but a great way of making phone sex work is to put on a romantic porn clip and basically describe what’s happening on screen. This can be perfect for less imaginative types, as the whole thing plays out in front of you, and you simply need to transcribe it.

Just be sure to focus on the more romantic porn clips available, as anything too OTT could make things weird. That is, unless it’s what you and your significant other are into.

Practice Makes Perfect

If in doubt, you could always get some practice in beforehand. Professional phone sex girls are available 24/7 and can provide the perfect point of entry (pun intended) for curious newcomers. They can teach you a thing or two, help you get over that initial nervousness, and prime you for the main event.

For those who’ve literally never gone near the idea of fun sex before, it really can be a great way to get started.

Laugh and Enjoy It

Last but not least, don’t lose sight of the fact that sex is not supposed to be serious. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, entertaining and at times hilarious. Embrace the humorous side of the whole thing and stop taking yourself so seriously.

Laughter is an indication that two people are comfortable with one another and what’s taking place at the time. It can also be a major turn on, so don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself when things inevitably get at least a little weird.

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