The 5 Best Celeb Gossip Sites

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1 The 5 Best Celeb Gossip Sites

When the day’s dragging on and work seems never-ending, you tend to crave nothing more than some time to yourself to sit down and catch up on the day’s events, right? And, if you’re anything like us, you probably enjoy surreptitiously sneaking a look at the latest in the world of celebs – all the scandals, affairs, and Twitter beef to occur throughout the day (or week, if you haven’t had time to catch up on the daily fluctuations of celebsville).

Finding the best sites to dive into the gossip cycle can be tricky, though, as you can find yourself scrolling through poorly-written articles and posts that are nothing more than filler surrounding a couple of facts or speculation. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top five celebrity gossip sites for you soak up your fill of celeb news!


Well-known amongst avid followers of celebrity news and culture, TMZ is still going strong as an online source of news and gossip. The site regularly gets the best breaking scoops and scandals for your perusal, accompanied by a mildly snarky tone that satisfies many gossip addicts, posting exclusives that are attention-grabbing and worded in a way to increase the drama of the piece.
If you’re looking for the best in A-list celeb news that’s shocking, quick-off-the-mark, and can be digested in bite-size chunks during your lunch or coffee break, then look no further: TMZ is the site for you!

E! Online

E! Online accompanies the very popular E! News channel, which focuses on the goings-on in the lives of celebrities, from the latest films and songs being released to red carpet news and trending gossip (often featuring one or two Kardashian-based news pieces). This site steers away from breaking news exclusives and takes a much less snarky tone than most of its contemporaries, instead relaying various facts and opinions surrounding their news stories.
As well as celeb gossip, E! Online features handy articles containing life, fashion, and beauty advice, and discusses classic cinema throwbacks from some of the best in Hollywood!


Fancy feeling better about yourself by eagle-eyeing some candid shots of celebs going about their daily lives, proving that they’re not so different to you and me? Or how about setting your sights on some A-lister eye candy to perk you up during the dull hours at work? Then People is the celeb gossip site for you.
Maintaining a more respectful tone and rarely featuring breaking celeb news, People is great for a quick scroll through celeb pics, informative articles and interviews, and some of the most interesting news stories from around the US.

Perez Hilton

Coming to the fore during the height of celeb gossip culture in the ‘00s, Perez Hilton has been a persistent feature of celebsville over the past couple of decades, bringing you all the juicy insider gossip from the steps of Hollywood. His posts are often particularly snarky in tone and feature the most exclusive breaking stories, so only venture into this realm if you’re prepared to handle both! His no-holds-barred approach has both won and lost him fans over the years but there’s one thing you have to say about Perez Hilton: he certainly knows how to report and unpick a scandal.


Perhaps lesser-known to many gossip fans, Dlisted is a great source of celeb gossip. It’s super snarky, features breaking news on the regular, and features the best guilty-pleasure gossip that we all love to hate, and frequently deny caring about (while secretly taking a peek at the headlines!).
Whether you’re looking for a quick time-filler that satisfies your gossip needs, these are the five best sites for you to peruse in your free time. Have fun, gossip girls xoxo

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