Facts About Cows (11 pics)

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Cows cause an average of 22 deaths per year, as opposed to sharks, which take down six people per year.

1 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

Cow tipping is a myth for a few reasons. Cows sleep lying down, are generally wary of approaching humans so much so that they don’t sleep that hard out of caution and they weight on average 1500 pounds.

2 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

Cows have a very complicated digestive system with 4 different pouches in their stomachs each serving a specific purpose.

3 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

There are surrogate cows that are given embryos from a genetically superior cow to create a new species of super-cows.

4 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

The word “cattle” comes from the Anglo-French “chatel”, a word for personal property. Chatel comes from the Latin “capitale”. Isn’t language fun?

5 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

A cow is technically a term for a female who has given birth to at least one calf. A “heifer” is a female bovine who has yet to have calves, a “bull” is a mature, male used for breeding and a “steer” is a mature male that has been castrated and will be used for beef.

6 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

All bovines are red/green color blind and the reason matadors use red is to hide the bull’s blood.
Editor’s note: I went to a bull fight once and it was pretty brutal. And this coming from someone whose favorite food is hamburgers.

7 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

Cows that have a good relationship with their farmers, like being shown affection or simply being given a name, are proven to produce higher quantities of milk.

8 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

The film “Into The Woods” used a real cow for all it’s filming.

9 Facts About Cows (11 pics)

A single cow produces 200 pounds of methane every year and are the main agricultural source of greenhouse gasses, just one of the causes of anthropogenic climate change.

10 Facts About Cows (11 pics)


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