Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

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If you're swimming and find yourself so deep or disoriented that you don't know which way is up, blow some bubbles, then follow the bubbles. They always go up.

1 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you call 911 for an emergency, say your location first. So if the phone cuts off, they know where to find you. "What is your emergency?" I'm at 222, Fake Address Drive, and I'm being held ca-.

2 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

There's an emergency and you or someone else needs help. Don't just yell, "help". Instead be specific like "you with the bad outfit, call an ambulance". You'll avoid the "bystander effect" where if people aren't called out specifically they'll freeze and not know what to do.

3 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're ever choking in a public area, don't try to avoid causing a scene by going to the bathroom. Most deaths are people found in the bathroom because there were too polite to seek help. Thank me later.

4 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you ever get kidnapped, leave behind as many traces as possible, clothes, jewelry, anything that helps search dogs, pick up your scent and ultimately find you.

5 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're riding as a passenger in a car, never rest your feet on the dashboard. If an accident happens and the airbags deploy, your kneecaps will fly into your skull.

6 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If a guy takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, go see a doctor immediately. There's a chance that he could have testicular cancer.

7 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're getting chased by a swarm of bees, don't jump in a lake or a body of water. They'll just wait for you above the water. Instead, keep running. They'll stop chasing you when they feel like they've won.

8 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're in a lightning storm and your hair starts floating, it means you're about to get hit by lightning. So find shelter immediately.

9 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're relaxing at your house and you smell something that reminds you of fish or pee, call an electrician immediately, house could be on the verge of having an electrical fire.

10 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

Next time you enter a building, look for an exit that people don't use often in an emergency. When everyone's going out the main exit you take the one less traveled. that extra time can make all the difference.

11 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you see a sign that says beware of pickpockets or thieves, don't instinctively patch your pocket, or check your belongings, thieves, and robbers, use these signs to know who to attack from afar.

12 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If it's hot outside, avoid leaving plastic water bottles inside your car. If the sun hits the bottle at the right angle, it could eventually start a fire.

13 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're at your house at night and feel like somebody broke in, turn your lights off. So they can't see you. And you know your way around your place in the dark better than they do, use it to your advantage.

14 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're cooking on the stove and the stove catches fire, do not use water. First, turn off the stove, then cover the pot with the lid. If you don't have a lid, dump baking soda.

15 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you wake up in the middle of the night, and smell gas in your house, don't turn on the lights! Just go outside and call for an emergency. Because if your house has a gas leak, a spark from a light switch could blow up the house.

16 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you or someone, you know, has a car, always leave the car keys near your bed. So if someone breaks in, you can press your car alarm and scare them away.

17 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

If you're cleaning a cat's litter box, avoid using bleach! A cat's pee has a chemical in it called ammonia. If it mixes with bleach, it creates a deadly gas that can kill you.

18 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)

Whenever you're walking to your car, before you get inside, always check your back seat and be aware of your surroundings. In case someone is hiding, preparing to kidnap you.

19 Useful Life Hacks (19 pics)


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