4 Tech Essentials Every RV Traveller Needs

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1 4 Tech Essentials Every RV Traveller Needs

If you’re gearing up for another successful RV season, there’s no doubt that you’re already giving thought to how you can ensure your trips are comfortable and enjoyable. RV travel is meant to be a convenient and yet fun way to travel the open roads and discover some of the lesser-known areas that aren’t always the big tourist destinations. With that said, there are some tech essentials that every RV traveller should have to not only make the trip comfortable, but to also make it safer and smoother. Let’s take a look at what those must-have items are.

Smartphone with Data

If you’re going to be spending substantial time on the road touring around, you’re also going to want to be sure you have a smartphone with a data plan so you can stay connected online. This may be important for work reasons, or just to be able to check your own personal emails and social network accounts. Of course, your smartphone can also act as a source of entertainment. You can enjoy a little online gaming by checking out the best online casino, for example, or stream content and just browse the web. If you plan on using a lot of data, you’ll want to be sure you have an adequate plan/package so you don’t end up paying any overage rates.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Speaking of your smartphone, depending on where you travel there may be times where your cell signal is extremely weak and you are unable to make/receive calls. This is why it makes sense to travel with a cell phone signal booster. Depending on the model you purchase you can boost your signal by a pretty significant amount, making your phone reliable and useable regardless of the destination.

Walkie Talkies

While it may seem like the days of walkie talkies are long gone, for RV’ers they still offer a very practical purpose. Perhaps one or two people want to go out and explore, while one stays behind at the RV. If so, they can easily stay in communication thanks to these devices. There’s no need to use up your phone minutes, or worry about a signal. Just make sure that you always have spare batteries on-hand.


A GPS unit can be handy for anyone, but having one onboard your RV really provides peace of mind. This little unit will help you to plan your route, make detours, find places to stop, and even personalise the information based on your RV's towing, height, and length. Once you invest in one of these units, you’ll wonder how you got by without one. Just be sure that you keep it up-to-date by downloading updates as offered.

There are plenty of items you’ll want to pack in your RV as you prepare for your next trip, and each of these tech gadgets should make the list. They can make your trip smoother, more enjoyable, and safer, and each one is user-friendly and highly portable.

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