Useful Tricks (19 pics)

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“Charlie needed to wear a cone after his operation, but he didn’t like it. But he’s fine with a plastic plate.”

1 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Making meatballs or burgers? Oil your hands. The meat won’t stick to your hands and you’ll get a smooth, uniform outside texture!”

2 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“It’s possible to take the tape off paper without tearing it. Just pull the tape by the edges and it will come off.”

3 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Soak almonds in salty water. After 1 night, they will be 1.5-2 times bigger and much tastier.”

4 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“If the oil runs down the bottle, making it dirty, put a cotton pad on it.”

5 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“The splatter shield was too small for my pan.”

6 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“When dispensing very thin liquid medications, create a slit in the seal to help prevent spillage and make dosages more accurate.”

7 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“My sneakers were washed in a washing machine and even washed by hand, but only Comet helped to clean them this well. Don’t forget to wear gloves.”

8 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Always tried to find a way to use my laptop in the sun without it melting away...”

9 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Cook your eggs in onion rings for a perfectly shaped fried egg ready to go in a sandwich!”

10 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“I’m going away next weekend, so I’m going to use this and my programmable feeder as a way to make sure she’s all good.”

11 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“A loose leaf tea steeper is the best way to evenly sprinkle flour on a surface, corn starch on a protein, and icing on desserts.”

12 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“If something happens to the bra and it becomes really uncomfortable, here is a way to wear it.”

13 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“If you left a bottle of water in the car and now it’s really hot...”

14 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“My trashcan life hack: a big rubber band + the cheapest flap-tie bags.”

15 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Ticks stuck to sticky tape wrapped around an ankle, always check for ticks!”

16 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Use double-sided tape to stick this on a new bag of wet wipes.”

17 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“This will help if your kids use too much toilet paper: press on the roll and it will be harder to use.”

18 Useful Tricks (19 pics)

“Grate a piece of toast if you’re out of breadcrumbs.”

19 Useful Tricks (19 pics)


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