What is a PVR test

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PVR tests are studies aimed to explore the vessels for detection disorders that are not visible externally. These letters are an abbreviation to qualificative “pulse volume recording” that directly describe the procedure that requires special equipment for its carrying out. This procedure allows doctors to obtain data about blood movement in arteries of your arms and legs. The positive feature is unnecessary of previous preparations and examination time counts 45 minutes on average, which means patients can be free after a short period. Specialists prescribe the research to catch out the blockage in arteries including other shutdowns.

1 What is a PVR test

Fundamentals of PVR tests work

The mechanism of such a study lies in volume measurements that indicate clogging the vessels or acceleration of the pulse. The procedure consists of several steps:

1. Doctors ask questions according to the patients' health in general then a person takes off clothes from those places where an expert fastens tools.

2. A specialist covers up the body of a client with a blanket and applies a small amount of gel on the test area that isn’t harmful. After this stage a physician wears cuffs on the upper and lower extremities. A PVR test for legs may demand walking on a treadmill for the reproduction of everyday conditions.

3. Special devices fix blood pressures, cuffs get tighter and a patient may hear sounds of blood flowing during the diagnostics. A physician compares the pressure in the legs and arms.

4. The appliance transmits sound waves reflected from blood cells, a doctor can calculate the speed of liquid flow thanks to them. The computer records sound waves, the screen shows them on its surface.

5. A sonographer analyzes the results and passes them to the attending doctor who considers further treatment.

PVR test for legs can espy peripheral vascular disease that is spread among people who are tormented from diabetes. Leg artery disorder is common as well for patients of different ages and occupations. Periodic lameness may accompany more serious illness, that is why every symptom is a pretext to check the problematic area.

The positive facts about PRV tests

Knowing what a PRV test is, a lot of people may agree that this is one of the most convenient ways of diagnostics. Firstly, it doesn’t have side effects, therefore this procedure is safe for everybody, moreover, the operation is painless, only a little discomfort is possible that isn't durable. We can explain the security due to the absence of x-ray or radiation. Usually, the results are available in a few hours after finishing the test, high efficiency promotes faster reaction to the problems.

If a person feels burning in legs or arms, piercing, numbness, aches, and movement disorders, he or she should refer to the doctor to get a referral for the test. The additional sign is spotting and shine over the skin, swelling in different parts of the body, irregular heartbeat, weakness. Ignoring chest compression or dizziness can lead to worsening of the health condition within time because these features show the locking of the arteries that is one of the causes of heart attack.

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