Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

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Jared Leto — Mr. Nobody

1 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

Jared Leto portrayed a 118-year-old nobody — the last mortal person on Earth.

Winona Ryder — Edward Scissorhands

2 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

The film is about an old woman’s memories, where she tells her own story to her granddaughter. Winona Ryder portrayed both the old woman and her younger self.

Jim Carrey — A Series of Unfortunate Events

3 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

Jim Carrey is great at transforming into very different characters. For example, he portrayed the main villain, Olaf, in the film, along with assistant Stephano and Captain Sham.

Halle Berry — Cloud Atlas

4 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

The actress played 6 roles in this film. She had such amazing makeup that you could only recognize her if you saw the credits.

Chris Evans — Snowpiercer

5 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

It was really hard to turn Captain America into a poor guy that barely had any food. But costume designers and makeup artists managed to hide the actor’s superhero appearance behind high-quality makeup.

Cameron Diaz — Being John Malkovich

6 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

Cameron Diaz had to change her appearance quite a bit to portray a character in Being John Malkovich. The actress didn’t expect that people wouldn’t recognize her.

Cillian Murphy — A Quiet Place: Part II

7 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

Cillian Murphy appeared in this film with a bushy beard and long hair.

Olivia Cooke — Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

8 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

The actress decided to shave her head to portray a girl battling leukemia.

Blake Lively — The Rhythm Section

9 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

The short haircut and bad looks were nothing more than very good makeup that this actress had to wear for the role. But when she posted a photo like this on her social media, some people thought it was what she really looked like without makeup.

Mandy Moore — This Is Us

10 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

Mandy Moore also transformed into an old person. Her makeup added 40+ years to her age. In the series, she was also shown as a young person but, just like everyone else on the show, she changes throughout the series.

Willem Dafoe — Shadow of the Vampire

11 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

Dafoe portrayed vampire Max Schreck in 2000. For this amazing transformation, he was nominated for an Oscar as “Best Supporting Actor.”

Monica Bellucci — The Brothers Grimm

12 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)

We only see Bellucci’s character in this scary makeup for several minutes, but it’s hard to forget.

Bonus: Emma Thompson

13 Celebrity Weird Roles (13 pics)


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