Work Fails (15 pics)

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“I know there are a lot of lessons to learn as a small business owner, but this one is cruel.”

1 Work Fails (15 pics)

“I am a mail carrier. These are the pennies I’ve picked up on my route in the past 6 months.”

2 Work Fails (15 pics)

"When you work for a billion-dollar company and the tools you get to do your job with look like this:"

3 Work Fails (15 pics)

“Our CEO just bought a huge 4K TV to replace the perfectly fine 1080p TVs that no one ever watches in our break room while nearly our entire staff is so poor we’re all on food stamps, living in friends’ garages, etc.”

4 Work Fails (15 pics)

“What 10 months at a warehouse will do for you”

5 Work Fails (15 pics)

“So this happened at work yesterday.”

6 Work Fails (15 pics)

“We were supposed to close at 10 PM but this happened. The visitors stayed until 11:40 and wanted dessert.”

7 Work Fails (15 pics)

“What a great way to start the morning.”

8 Work Fails (15 pics)

“At work, we’re told to handle our chips like eggs.”

9 Work Fails (15 pics)

“The view as I walk into my night cleaning job”

10 Work Fails (15 pics)

“This set of defective screws from my old job at a furniture manufacturer.”

11 Work Fails (15 pics)

“The vein finder at my job”

12 Work Fails (15 pics)

“Quit restaurants 2 days ago after being a line cook/kitchen manager my whole adult life and got my nails done for the first time ever!”

13 Work Fails (15 pics)

“When the boss decides to say thank you for the millions his employees make for him:”

14 Work Fails (15 pics)

“My husband’s friend works in delivery. The chestnut one ate a dog biscuit, and the white one turned her nose up at them.”

15 Work Fails (15 pics)


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