Which Adult Content Categories Are the World’s New Favorite and Which One’s Are Being Forgotten

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1 Which Adult Content Categories Are the World’s New Favorite and Which One’s Are Being Forgotten

Our favorite porn categories change over time, and as a whole, it looks like the world has adopted some new favorite categories and said farewell to others.

What’s your favorite porn category to watch? Oh, was that question too direct? Let’s just focus on other people’s favorite porn categories instead. Let’s also go over a few reasons as to why certain porn categories have stolen the spotlight, and others have begun to fade away.

Today’s most popular porn categories

According to famous porn sites review’s most recent data from 2019, the two most popular porn categories around the world were “lesbian” coming in at number one in the Western part of the world and “Japanese” taking the lead in the East. But the fun doesn’t stop there. “Amateur” and “hentai” came in as numbers 3 and 4 for the most-watched porn categories of 2019.

Why has “lesbian” remained one of the top porn categories for long?

Lesbian has been an insanely popular search term among men and women on porn websites for years. There are a few reasons for this steady popularity. Number one, lesbian porn is known for its exciting sensuality. Straight men love it because, well, the more woman the better. And women love it (even straight women) because it can often be more romantic and sensual.

But there’s one other factor at play here. As time passes, people have become gayer. Or at least they have finally felt safe enough to open up about their sexuality, as opposed to 50 years ago. Whether it’s society’s loosening idea of what is acceptable or otherwise, who knows.

One thing we do know is that young people today have considerably more gay individuals than ever before. A recent poll by Gallup recently claimed that their findings show that 1 in 6 gen-Zers don’t consider themselves to be straight. And among the 5.6% of American adults that consider themselves to be gay, over half of them label themselves as bisexual.

This rising trend in sexual fluidity is a part of what fuels the world’s love for lesbian porn.

2 Which Adult Content Categories Are the World’s New Favorite and Which One’s Are Being Forgotten

What is hentai and why is it so popular?

Among the list of people’s favorite porn types, comfortably sits “hentai”. More popular among the younger generations as well, hentai is “a genre of Japanese manga and anime characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots.”

This animated style of pornography appeals to those that have a love for art, gaming, and fantasy. It’s also very popular among those that have a taste for the number 1 ranking “Japanese” porn category.

It’s also obvious when looking at porn insights data, that hentai is not very popular among the old generation. A possible reason as to why this is could be due to the fact that older generations tend to be more conservative. Hentai is a fairly “new” and fantastical genre of porn and those who are into it, often have a very open mind and into fantasy or cosplay.

3 Which Adult Content Categories Are the World’s New Favorite and Which One’s Are Being Forgotten

The rise of “amateur” and the fall of celeb sex tapes

In 2008, Kim Kardashian was the number one pornstar among porn viewers. And before Kim’s sex tape was leaked, of course, there was the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape. Looking back on the wild popularity of these sex tapes, depending on who you are, you might hopefully feel a bit uncomfortable when realizing that so many people got off on “leaked” sex tapes of numerous celebs.

These videos caused a lot of damage to the lives of the woman featured in them, as most of them were released against these people’s wishes. But still, that didn’t stop the celeb sex tape frenzy of the 2000s and 2010s.

And today the concept of real, raw, and “secret” footage, is still wildly popular. It’s just that today, this popular porn category is called “amateur”. Amateur pornstars are usually everyday regular people. They don’t work in a studio and nothing that they film or produce is scripted. The huge rise in popularity for the search “amateur” is in part due to the fact that it gives viewers a more realistic and exciting experience. The idea that the person in the porno could be any person with a camera in their bedroom, either just down the street or across the world.

Amateur videos have that home video feel, but without the lack of consent that people’s leaked personal sex tapes have. That’s a win for humanity if I’ve ever seen one.

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