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Human Body Facts (20 pics)

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Ah-ah-ahhhhh... CHOO!!!!!
There is something called the "photic sneeze reflex," and about 25% of people on Earth have it. It causes you to sneeze when you're exposed to direct sunlight.

1 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

Do you see what I see?
12% of the world population has tetrachromacy. This means that they can see 10 times more shades and colors that everyone else can.

2 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

The power of the nostrils
Only 30% of people are able to fully flare their nostrils on command.

3 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

I hear ya and I see ya.
Less than 1% of people can hear colors or see sounds. This is known as Synesthesia.

4 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

We <3 Red Heads
Only 2% of the world population has natural red hair. Despite this, one study found that nearly 30% of the people featured in advertisements have red hair.

5 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

A clean taste
9% of people taste soap when they bite into cilantro Cilantro contains the chemical that is also a byproduct of soap making.

6 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

I'm feeling Holy
Do you know someone who has a tiny hole on their ears? I'm not talking about a piercing hole- this one is higher. Less than 1% of the population has this hole, and some evolutionary biologists claim this used to be a gill on humans.

7 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

Amber is the color of your energy
5% of people have amber coloured eyes.

8 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

Hello Morton
When your big toe is shorter than your second toe, you have what's known as "Morton's Toe." Only 10% of the world has this. Side note: The statue of liberty has this too.

9 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

Y'all awake yet?
1% of the world has what is known as "Sleeper Syndrome." They can get through sleep cycles faster than everyone else, which means that they can function normally with less sleep.

10 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

White cold
Raynaud's syndrome causes your fingers or toes to turn white when cold. 4% of the population has it.

11 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

Wait, do that again
83.7% of people can roll their tongue, but only 14.7% of people can make a clover out of their tongue.

12 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

Who made that sound?
16% of people are able to control a tiny muscle in their jaw that can create a "roaring noise" with their mouth closed.

13 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

That's kind of cool
Less than 1% of people have poliosis, which causes them to have a random patch of white hair.

14 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

This is bumpin
Only 10% of the population has something called Darwin's tubercle, which is a bump on the side of the ear. It is believed that those with Darwin's tubercle can better sense voice tonality.

15 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

You're all right
Less than 1% of the population are the owners of a heart on their RIGHT side. Funny enough, it doesn't really come with any negative consequences.

16 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

NO bones about it
A mutation found in less than 1% of the population leaves them without the ability to break their bones.

17 Human Body Facts (20 pics)

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