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Vinyl Siding in Framingham

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  • 8 Jun, 2021  |
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Vinyl is a special type of plastic that is used in the vinyl siding as the main component in the decoration of buildings for any purpose using panels. Rented office or commercial buildings often require regular exterior renovation to maintain the attractiveness of visitors, and this is where it becomes the most popular.

1 Vinyl Siding in Framingham

Vinyl siding is sheets of polyvinyl chloride produced about a centimeter thick, ten to thirty centimeters wide, and two to six meters long. If you clad the exterior walls of the house with this material, then you will get a 'breathing', environmentally friendly cladding due to the presence of special channels in the material that drain condensate and provide a kind of ventilation. With proper care and proper maintenance, vinyl siding will last at least forty years.

What are the pros and cons of encore vinyl siding?

The popularity and demand for vinyl siding in Framingham is due to the mass of positive aspects of use, namely:

• Durability — Most of the leading manufacturers guarantee customers 50 years of reliable operation.
• Resistant to harsh climatic conditions and shock loads.
• The abundance of colors and textures makes it possible to create a unique facade design.
• Ease and simplicity of installation. Facing works do not require special equipment or additional surface preparation.
• When exposed to an open fire, it begins to melt, does not emit smoke and does not contribute to the further spread of fire.
• Excellent vapor permeability prevents surface condensation.
• Environmentally friendly, does not fade, does not peel off, easy to clean.

The standard panel size for most siding manufacturers is 300-400 cm long and 20-25 cm wide. Thanks to this versatility, when decorating a house, you can combine siding of different colors and textures.

If you decide to choose vinyl siding in Framingham, then you need to know the negative aspects of the application. These include the following factors:

• If one panel has deteriorated, then it is very difficult to replace the element with a new one;
• During installation, it is imperative to leave temperature gaps. This is because panels can expand due to high temperatures;
• Low level of thermal insulation. Additional insulation of the building will be required.

Siding with saturated colors cost more than pastel colors. This is due to the addition of a larger volume of anti-fading agent.

Siding panels are available in several profile options. The most common are ‘ship's beam’ and 'herringbone’. Reliable locks allow panels to be connected together. Holes are provided at the top of each panel for attaching the siding to the batten. The holes are oblong, allowing for thermal expansion of the siding. No other cladding material offers such a wide range of facade decoration as vinyl siding.

The warranty period for vinyl siding is from 20 years. According to the experience of Westmet employees, cladding made of this material lasts much longer. At the same time, it is cheaper in comparison with wood trim or other natural materials.

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