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Can A Job Agency Help You Get A Job during the Pandemic?

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  • 7 Jun, 2021  |
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1 Can A Job Agency Help You Get A Job during the Pandemic?

What You Should Know To Successfully Start a New Remote Job with a Job Agency during the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed how companies work. Employees are required to work from home to maintain social distance, which is effective in minimizing its spread. New employees are being onboarded online through a job agency as companies wait for the extremes of the disease to be manageable.

For companies that are not used to this type of setup, they are having a challenging time adjusting. Employee orientation also becomes challenging and when people resume their offices, colleagues will feel like strangers because they have not had chances to meet their new colleagues. So, how do you successfully start a new remote job after recruitment by professional recruiters?

1. Prepare for a Different Type of Onboarding

Do not expect all companies to handle their hiring process the same. For instance, some will hold their meetings and explain the roles of the position via zoom. Others will invite candidates to their premises and use projection devices to maintain social distance when briefing their new employees. Others might outsource hiring to a job agency.

To avoid starting on the wrong foot, consider reaching out early to the company you are about to start working with. Ask questions so you can prepare for the day.

2. Understand Expectations

After the employment agency recruits you, do not just start working without understanding what is expected from you. Often, you go through these expectations with your manager, which gives you a roadmap of your weekly and monthly output.

As you work online in the meantime, ensure you are proactive. It is because you cannot have access to instant help like you would when working in a physical office. The people that are supposed to help you may take unnecessarily long, which can slow you down in meeting the expectations.

3. Learn How Your Team Communicates

Companies are currently utilizing tools such as emails, slack, zoom, Skype, and others to keep the communication going while working virtually. Consider asking how colleagues in your new company communicate to ensure you do not miss an update.

When communicating with your boss, learn how they prefer being contacted. Is it via instant messages, calls, or chats? Do they like being asked many questions at a go? Are there communication channels that make them feel insulted? Once you learn all these, you can be sure to be on the same page with your boss and that you do not miss a deadline.

4. Ask for Information

As you will know from the job agency you will use to look for a job, teamwork is key to a company’s success. A colleague may reach out to you with a new task. To ensure you are all working to deliver great results, consider asking questions. If the task was sent to you via mail or delegated through slack, consider requesting a video or phone call schedule.

Once you have set a time, ask your colleague about the project’s goals. Know when it is expected to be delivered and whether there are special requirements for the task. This kind of information help you work smoothly, even though everything is taking place online.

5. Keep Your Tone Clear and Neutral

Companies have their cultures. As a new employee, consider taking your time to learn how other staff communicates and respond to different situations. You can be a fun and relaxed person, so using emojis and slang flows naturally. However, your boss and other long-time workers may not appreciate such.

Your first few weeks should be for learning how to handle your interactions with others. Avoid being ambiguous while communicating something. Some colleagues feel like you are wasting their time when you are not clear.

6. Find Work Buddies

Finding a work buddy while working virtually is definitely more challenging than when working from a company office. You can request your manager to introduce you to other colleagues during a virtual meeting or through a note. Let others know you are open to communication.

If that doesn’t work, you can consider extending conversations with chatty colleagues and invite them for virtual coffee meetings.

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