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Netflix Tips and Tricks: 11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Netflix Subscription

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  • 4 Jun, 2021  |
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1 Netflix Tips and Tricks: 11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Netflix Subscription

Were you bending down like a comma a while ago and watching Netflix, with a plate full of food on your lap? Guilty! Well, the reason why you are checking this article explains a lot. In this case, that makes the two of us. Netflix sure did have a rise to glory; from being a DVD rental service to a full-blown production house. However, if the current plan does not satisfy you enough, and keeps you craving for more like the online Australian casino, then you are exactly at the right place. Here's our rundown of the best Netflix hints and suggestions. You'll never have had the same 'and chill' moments again.

Try New Ways of Using Netflix

TV shows that are broadcasted on a regular basis? Whoever requires them, really? We now have Netflix, which has resolved all of our film and television-watching difficulties. Not all of them, mind you. It's even come up with a few of its own. However, in the grand scheme of things, it still comes out on top.

1. Include ratings for Rotten Tomatoes in your search queries: We're all familiar with the routine. Choose a movie on Netflix, grab your phone, look up the Rotten Tomatoes score, snicker, find another movie on Netflix, and repeat the whole cycle. There is, however, an effective method.

Netflix Enrichment Suite, a Chrome add-on, inserts Rotten Tomatoes ratings to Netflix lists and a whole slew of other details such as IMDb info and certified trailers.

2. Gamble with your evenings with something like a Netflix Roulette game: We've all squandered the majority of a film's runtime scrolling through Netflix fluff before eventually going to bed. However, finding anything to watch is a lot easier. For instance, you may watch people playing TOP online casino real money games. Flix Roulette turns your viewing choices into a game. Choose a category, actor, producer, or keyword, then spin the wheel to see what pops up. Are you feeling brave? Remove the keywords and let your imagination run wild with all Netflix material.

Use Netflix to Pause Immediately Once You Sleep

Doesn't that seem like witchcraft to you? It isn't, despite the fact that these allegedly miraculous socks have Dobby weak in the knees. Rather than Gandalf-like abilities, this peak of augmented reality has an embedded accelerometer to determine whether the viewer is strangely prone. That is when Netflix flashes a warning signal if it detects that you haven't moved for quite a while. If you don’t move, they'll assume you've fallen asleep and halt whatever it is you're watching to prevent spoilers and unnecessary rewinding.

3. Spoilers are so last season: Movie advertisements, promos, and blurbs are all out to give away plot twists and big discoveries. That is no longer the case. We've had more than enough, and so do the creators of Flixplus, a Chrome extension that removes spoilers. The desktop plugin may hide movie-spoiling material from the lengthy prelude of film searching, among the other Netflix-tweaking options it delivers to the game.

4. Streamline your category-specific searches: You don't want to watch an action movie or a standardized comedy? How about visually arresting intellectual dramas, or goofy crime melodramas? You're fortunate because Netflix has certain sub-categories for almost all of them. You won't have to write out these long-winded category titles using your TV remote the very next moment you want to watch something specific. If you go to Netflix's category breakdown website, you'll find a useful shortcode that will make your task a tad simpler.

Get New Features Before Everybody Gets Them

Does it not feel immensely good to brag about being such a Netflix Lord to your friends when you say stuff like “you added it yesterday? I’ve had that feature for months now!”. Well, here is a little secret on how you can do it. The answer to your problem is the latest add-ons and layouts that are handed in Netflix’s trial programme. Moreover, you can also get a multitude of features if you just go to accounts, followed by their test participation. You will get stuff that you’d probably never even noticed. However, among the chaff would be the occasional smidgeon of Netflix wheat, ready to revolutionize the browsing experience slightly early.

5. Downgrade your streaming to save your internet plan: In case you are looking to save a few bucks from the wallet, all you need to do is change your playback settings. Here, you can cap the streaming quality and stop straining your account balance.

6. View randomly and get amazing TV features: In Netflix, everybody has numerous choices and we’re spoiled. This chrome extension by the name of AllFlix randomizes your viewing experience and you can probably dig up some really nice films or series with the help of this.

7. Binge watch with all your homies: We get it. It's a pandemic and we’re all missing our friends. So, why don’t we screen the content and watch it with all our friends? A streaming service by the name Rage has come up with simultaneous streaming where you can add all your friends. Now you are not the only one who stays the night up!

8. Get your friends to stop leeching your account: It is irritating when your friends’ streamed content fills the recommendations with tasteless crap. We hear you! Hence, just simply go to account settings and log out of all devices. Yes. We’ve probably given you a gold idea to lose friends as well.

Watch During Odd Hours to Stream Smoothly

9. Who does not like spending their evenings Netflix-and-Chilling? Well, stop doing that. Watch your stuff at hours when nobody is watching their stuff. This way you can not only get super high-quality streaming but also prevent getting no space to watch your own Netflix.

10. Know your hotkeys: We’re hoping that you already know this but, once again- the F key makes your player fullscreen. The Esc key gets it back to normal. The right arrow key forwards to 10 seconds, the left arrow key rewinds 10 seconds. Shift+right fast forwards stuff and, you know the drill!

11. Get your subtitles customized: Well, you seem to be very sophisticated, watching foreign films and all. To stop squinting, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps, i.e, go to account settings and click on subtitle appearance. Now, here you can customize your subtitles with fonts, sizes and your preferred colour!


All in all, we really hope that you don’t have to move from your couch for a long time while watching Netflix. However, please don’t let that ice cream melt on your couch! Jokes apart, we really hope that all these cheat codes help you in getting the best out of your Netflix experience. These are the ones we keep using as our lives depended on them. If you have tried any of these, do let us know!

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