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Top 7 Casinos in Portugal that Will Excite and Delight You

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  • 19 May, 2021  |
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1 Top 7 Casinos in Portugal that Will Excite and Delight You

Now that the western gem of Europe is opening its borders to foreign travel once more, things are about to get more exciting than ever. After many months of restrictions and daydreaming about more exciting days ahead, the opportunity to indulge in some of the most fun activities in life is back in business.

We're talking about casinos and how Portugal hosts some fascinating gambling palaces that are sure to please even the most demanding visitor.

The author Martim Nabeiro (you may find out more about his path here) takes us on tour through Portugal to let us through the VIP entrance to some of the most exciting casinos in the country.

Casino do Estoril

You can indeed find its roots linked to Europe's royalty, worldwide celebrities and… Bond. James Bond. The original grounds of the Casino do Estoril were once the set for the original Casino Royale.

Even though the group now owns some of the best offers you can find on casinos online Portugal, you're also very likely to find the casino grounds have lost none of its charm. Estoril is one of Portugal's most reputable locations by all standards and a great one to go for a set of cards.

If there is one that could be defined as a casino in Portuguese riviera, this would be it.

Casino de Lisboa

In the renewed grounds of Parque das Nações lies a Portuguese casino that takes its inspiration from Macau as one of the world's gambling capitals. Since Macao was once under Portuguese rule, the celebration couldn't be more meaningful as Stanley Ho made it into fame and fortune as one of gambling's most renowned parents.
The building is as modern as its surroundings, with a few surprises apart from its many slots and game tables. Top-notch entertainment and a moving bar are only amongst some of its delightful attractions.

Casino da Madeira

You'll need to grab a flight or take a yacht to find one that is also considered a casino in Portuguese riviera. On the island of Madeira, a mere 1h30m flight away, Funchal is one of the nicest and warmest settings for anyone to enjoy a casino night out.

Its entertainment is nothing short of legendary, but the island comes to life on New Year's Eve with one of the world's most spectacular fireworks displays. If you can catch it all just after a last spin of the roulette, you'll be pleased to give this one a try.

Casino Figueira

One of the most charming casinos in Portugal, the Casino Figueira in Figueira da Foz has been a game mecca for the past 94 years and will surely make it to an even hundred. The building itself is a statement of the ever-growing popularity of casinos in Portugal and is a fresh look at Portugal as a country of contrasts.

The ageless rooms take you back in time, even though the latest technology sits in its corners, as perfectly fitting as always. Just across the road, one of the finest beaches in the country. That means the chance to indulge in some relaxation away from the busy streets of Lisbon and Porto.

Casino Espinho

By no means is this a list that takes any specific order. If it were, the Casino Espinho would still be a contender in anyone's preferences as one of the very best casinos in Portugal. Gloriously entertaining, it hosts one of the best cultural offerings in the northern area of the country. Several table games and hundreds of slots await.

If the charms of the building itself are not quite enough, you only need to cross the road to set your feet on the sand or head to Porto city centre, only a few minutes’ drive away.

Casino da Póvoa

Also, coming to almost a century, the Casino da Póvoa is a landmark in its own right and a gambling institution in Portugal. Undoubtedly, the epicentre of entertainment in Póvoa de Varzim shares the crown as one of the best casinos in the northern region and Espinho.

The incredible northern cuisine and hospitality meet some of the most exciting casino games in the world. These are the sort of ingredients most won't pass on.

Casino Vilamoura

The Algarve, the Vilamoura Marina, impressive villas, incredible weather, outstanding beaches. Need we say more? Oh, yes – and one of the country's finest gambling institutions right beside the Vilamoura Marina. The Casino Vilamoura is the place to head to complete the Algarve experience.

An excellent place to spot celebrities over a fancy cocktail and a hand of cards, it stands as one of the finest casinos in Portugal.

Setting some of the most majestic scenarios in Europe, its welcoming people, rich historical heritage and outstanding gastronomy are only the tip of the iceberg. Portugal's gambling scene is also on the rise, dragging a whole new generation of excitement and fun towards anyone out on the look for it.

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