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Reasons for Carrying Our Duct Cleaning Oshawa

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  • 17 May, 2021  |
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Is Air Duct Cleaning Oshawa Worth It?

There has been a massive growth of commercial duct cleaning Oshawa services over the years. They advise homeowners to clean their duct systems, giving reasons why and signs you should look out for to reschedule your next service.

But is the process worth it? Or are these companies just looking for money from the citizens? Most people claim that there will be no effect on your air duct if it is not cleaned, as long as the dust inside is not disturbed. Read on and see if duct cleaning Oshawa is worth it or a scam.

1 Reasons for Carrying Our Duct Cleaning Oshawa

1. What Duct Cleaners Do

When you hire professional cleaners, they come with special instruments for the cleaning process. Ducts are sensitive, and if handled carelessly, some parts can break. The cleaners carry their vacuums, brushes, and chemicals to disinfect mold and other bacteria inside the duct.

They have special brushes to clean the deepest parts of the system from the supply, intake, and return ducts all over your house. They also make sure they have cleaned the air handler, registers, and grilles. These parts of the HVAC might be a bit hard to clean when you DIY.

Although these companies advise homeowners to clean their ducts once or twice a year, there is no research conducted to show that you will breathe better air when you clean your air duct or have less dust in your home.

However, it is true that leaving your heating and cooling motors, coils, and air handling units dirty and unchecked can reduce their efficiency, meaning that if you clean them, you will improve their efficiency.

While you may think that duct cleaning Oshawa is not a necessary process, it is essential to consider HVAC and ductwork cleaning because it comes with some benefits.

2. So, Should You Consider Duct Cleaning?

While many homeowners might be quick to advise commercial cleaners, you should also be aware that they are looking for work. Your duct does not need to be cleaned if they are not dirty or if you have not noticed anything odd with the air you breathe.

Do not hurry to contact a vent cleaning Oshawa company if your system works as it was when you bought it. However, if there is some smell in the air that you cannot point to its origin, it will be wise to have your duct checked.

Sometimes small insects get into the ductwork, and some die and rot there, which could be the cause of the bad smell. Other reasons to look for duct cleaners are;

a. Renovation

If there was renovation in the house, you could call duct cleaners to check if your system is still intact. During renovations, there is dust and debris that could make their way into the system. If not cleaned, these can clog the system and reduce its efficiency.

Besides, when clean air is blown through the ducts, it can carry that dust into the rooms, and you will end up breathing dirty air, which could cause respiratory complications.

b. Insects And Other Animals

If small animals infest your home, they can also make their way into the system. These animals leave their droppings in the ductwork, and some die in there, causing odors. If you notice that animals infest your HVAC, it is advisable to have the ductwork cleaned.

Sometimes, the cleaners will make holes in your system. You should make sure that the holes are appropriately resealed because this can be an entry of dirt and insects.

c. Respiratory Problems

If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, it is advisable to keep your ducts clean. These people are very sensitive to the air they breathe, and if it is contaminated, the place can be uncomfortable for them. Doing duct cleaning Oshawa ensures all the bacteria and dust are removed, so there is no chance of breathing dirty air.

d. Mold

Mold can be dangerous if it grows inside your HVAC system. Commercial cleaners come with a particular chemical to clean the mold and to prevent more growth. Always ensure you read the chemical components they intend to use to make sure it does not have a chemical component that can be harmful to any family member or pets.

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