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Choosing best commercial equipment: stainless steel restaurant carts

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  • 7 May, 2021  |
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In the food-service business, the successful and smooth operation of the restaurant or any other food establishment depends on the mobility and efficiency of the personnel performance, on the correct organization of their work, and the convenience of the daily food prep routine. And stainless steel restaurant carts are one of the indispensable attributes for your business that will enhance the speed of serving meals and the process of cleaning dishes. Mobile multi-purpose stainless steel utility carts with wheels with excellent load capacity will help you to easily transport nearly all goods, ingredients, heavy and bulky objects, pots and pans, and other imperative items. You can also diversify your storage areas with carts of different configurations, such as extra drawers. Picking AmGoodSupply highly durable metal equipment, such as stainless steel restaurant carts, you will get an array of advantages, including:

• maximum flexibility and the ability to hassle-free maneuvering even at the crowded kitchens;
• sturdy constructions are intended for intensive use in commercial spaces;
• appropriate dimensions and firmly fixed casters that won’t cause any problems with functionality.

1 Choosing best commercial equipment: stainless steel restaurant carts

Stainless steel work carts with non-porous surfaces are corrosion resistant and designed for serving your needs. Also, steel can withstand moisture effects, disinfection, it is not prone to cracking or dirt accumulation. With proper care and regular maintenance, steel carts won't lose their properties and a stunning look. This means that it will delight you, your staff, and your guests for decades. Such a purchase will definitely pay off and impress with impact resistance. Moreover, no signs of wear and tear won't occur. However, steel is one of the most expensive options. 

What about a budgetary restaurant carts choice

Manufacturers also offer plastic constructions, but this material is not safe for use with food. It can deteriorate under heavy use and be easily damaged. The visual and functional defects may cause inconveniences for workers. In addition, plastic is not impervious to mold and mildew that can affect the transported meals or stored ingredients due to the fast spreading of bacteria. And although it is a cost-efficient solution, it is better to invest in long-lasting stainless steel to meet the food safety code.

What to be aware of before going into the selection process 

To pick the correct design and decide on the number of metal structures for carrying things since one stainless steel restaurant cart will not be enough, you must also take into account the size of the restaurant; the number of seats and the maximum number of customers that one waiter can serve; distance between key functional zones (kitchen-hall), the total amount of dirty dishes that should be delivered to the kitchen; the total area of the establishment, the frequency of large-scale events and banquets; serving features.

Based on the overall information, you can consider 2-level carts with the mission to reduce the time of serving visitors. Two shelves will serve as a stand for dishes. Or 3-level carts with different lengths and widths of shelves, and with the built-in protective backsplash that prevents food, dishes, or cutlery from falling on the floor. Obviously, stainless steel restaurant carts are the most essential equipment type for food establishments. However, at the catalog of AmGoodSupply, you can also find some other top picks such as prep tables with a variety of extra accessories, commercial sinks, and shelving racks.

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