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Five Video Games That Should Become Movies

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  • 3 May, 2021  |
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1 Five Video Games That Should Become Movies

Who would have predicted that "Mortal Kombat" would become the first smash hit movie of 2021? Hollywood insiders certainly didn't, and now they look really stupid. The video game-inspired, martial arts-themed fantasy movie is doing big business at the box office, and there's already talk of a sequel. We support that idea. We think the film deserves one. It's not alone in deserving a trip to Hollywood, though. Now that "Mortal Kombat" has kicked the doors down and proved that movies based on films could be bankable, we can think of a whole load more that we'd like to see.

Most videos games don't make for good films. Some video game-inspired films - the "Super Mario Bros" movie, for example - should never have been made at all. The game is entertaining, but it lacks a plot. The best contenders for video game success have a plot, identifiable characters, and enough source material to make for a convincing film. Allow us to stop talking in general terms, though. We've already given this a lot of thought, and these are the games that we think would make the best candidates for a movie makeover!

Street Fighter

“Street Fighter” has already been turned into a film. It happened in 1994, and it was monumentally awful. "Mortal Kombat" was also turned into a movie in the 1990s, and that wasn't much better. The point of this is that sometimes an idea deserves a second chance, and that miserable failure of a "Street Fighter" movie was almost thirty years ago. In the hands of the right writer, with the right studio behind it and the right cast, a "Street Fighter" movie could be outstanding. Think how many characters have been added to the "Street Fighter" canon since 1994 and how much more lore has been created because of them. There's a much more compelling narrative than there used to be. That, coupled with the nostalgic pull of the name for older viewers, could be a recipe for box office success. If "Mortal Kombat" can do it, so can "Street Fighter."

Dead Space

When "Dead Space" was released in 2008, it showed what the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were capable of. They were still relatively new machines at the time, and the science fiction survival horror game "Dead Space" pushed them to their limit. Best described as "Resident Evil in space," "Dead Space" had a fascinating plot, some memorable characters, and legitimate scares. It established a whole world of story around its chief protagonists and expanded on that story with two sequels. Unfortunately, the third game was badly received and essentially bankrupted the production company behind it. "Dead Space" deserved better, and creepy space horror films seem to be in at the moment. It would look great on the big screen, and it might lead to a revival for the games series, too. We'd count that as a double win!


We can’t make a list of video games that would also make good movies without thinking of the kids, and what would kids love more than cute animated worms that blow each other up in astonishingly violent ways? Since it was brought out for home computer systems in the mid-1990s, “Worms” has been a mainstay of pretty much every gaming platform. It’s even found success away from consoles and computers through an adaptation at online slots websites. There aren’t many “traditional” video games that have successfully crossed over to online slots - and virtually none as cute as “Worms” - but the fact that it’s still available at places at many casino networks suggests that the franchise has a certain appeal to non-gamers. If it can make it at online casinos it can make it at the movies. We accept that there isn't much background story to "Worms," so someone would have to write a compelling script, but that's not outside the realms of possibility.

Red Dead Redemption

Do we need a "Red Dead Redemption" movie when "Red Dead Redemption" already feels like a movie when you're playing it? Well, if you're asking us, the answer is "yes." It's been way too long since there was a popular western movie in movie theatres. The genre is long overdue for a revival, and there's no better property to revive it with than one of the most popular games in the world. "Red Dead Redemption" blew us all away when it was released, and its sequel did the same thing just when we'd started to put ourselves together again. Our grandparents grew up watching tales of the Old West on the big screen, but it's been more than thirty years since anyone created a genuinely great entry into this once-popular category. A "Red Dead Redemption" film could be a difference-maker in that regard, and we'd love to see it happen.

The Last Of Us

Seven years ago, we were told that a movie based on "The Last Of Us" was already in production. Two years later, we were told it had been cancelled over disagreements about the script. That's not acceptable. If the script isn't right, you change the script or change the writer. You don't throw the whole thing out of the window, but that's somehow what happened to what would surely have been an incredible, atmospheric survival-horror film. We know there are probably already too many films in this genre released every year, but one more isn't going to hurt - especially one that's likely to be such a big hit with gamers. There's now a television miniseries based on the games in pre-production. We'll take that for now, but the story of "The Last Of Us" deserves to play out on the big screen. Anything less than that is a disservice.
We could go on, and perhaps one day we will. Now the doors to movieland are open for video games, almost anything could get through. We'd love to see something as niche as a film based on "Elite: Dangerous" or as ambitious as a movie (or six) based on "Skyrim." Somebody in Hollywood must surely be thinking along the same lines. The 2010s were the era of superhero movies. Maybe the 2020s will be all about films based on games. We wouldn't be mad at that!

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