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Good Stories (20 pics)

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  • 21 Apr, 2021  |
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My girlfriend is very excited to show you all her new artwork, Rosa luna.

1 Good Stories (20 pics)

Our cat had kittens two days after we had our baby girl. The kitten pictured climbs into her lounger with her whenever he has the chance. I think these two were destined to be best buds.

2 Good Stories (20 pics)

A large work I recently finished. Glad to share it with you all!

3 Good Stories (20 pics)

This guy got no shows for 3 different adoption days. When we met he climbed right into my lap and I fell in love. Now he's my first dog and lifelong best friend. Meet Winston!

4 Good Stories (20 pics)

My 93 year old grandpa and his best friend.

5 Good Stories (20 pics)

Caught this absolute ANGEL begging for treats.

6 Good Stories (20 pics)

My senior(ish) dog can't swim by himself anymore so I carry him while he takes a dip.

7 Good Stories (20 pics)

"Hey human, why are you always take a pic of me?"

8 Good Stories (20 pics)

Our daughter's reaction to learning the puppy wasn't just a foster...

9 Good Stories (20 pics)

It’s finally happening! Can’t wait to take the big leap.

10 Good Stories (20 pics)

His first Spring :)

11 Good Stories (20 pics)

Fortune finally came true!

[Editor's Note: Fortune reads "The love of your life will appear in front of you unexpectedly!”]

12 Good Stories (20 pics)

Hot Lava is really into his new roommate.

13 Good Stories (20 pics)

I took a picture of my baby daughter looking at a Robin.

14 Good Stories (20 pics)

My boyfriend and I just picked up our little rescue kitten, and I can’t tell who’s happier! Meet Frog!

15 Good Stories (20 pics)

I participated in my first craft fair today and I’m so proud of myself!

16 Good Stories (20 pics)

20 years of love.

17 Good Stories (20 pics)

Cat photo session.

18 Good Stories (20 pics)

My mom has been fighting liver issues tirelessly with hopes to be able to live to hold her grand baby ! Today was the day that she was finally able to!

19 Good Stories (20 pics)


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