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The Source Of CBD Isolate: 5 Facts You Should Know About Hemp

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  • 12 Apr, 2021  |
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1 The Source Of CBD Isolate: 5 Facts You Should Know About Hemp

Cannabidiol is one of the more popular alternative treatments to many conditions for many cannabis users. Those that don't like the psychoactive effects tend to gravitate towards CBD because of this. Hemp is the primary source of this product because of its cannabinoid count, abundant in Cannabidiol, and has scant amounts of THC. Other than that, studies show it has a better effect on the body than marijuana and different cannabis variations.

Back in 2018, Hemp was finally considered a schedule 5 substance by the FDA. This means they've already considered this plant to be safe to use, however, with certain restrictions. According to their report (check it out), this plant can only be grown industrially. This means an average citizen can't grow this plant independently, and they must be a farm or a company owning acres of land where Hemp can be grown appropriately.

And even as a company, they have many policies to follow. The land needs to be a specific size, and growing this plant also comes in a certain height and how long a farmer needs to cultivate it until it can be harvested and used for cannabidiol products. If one fails to follow these rules, the company can be shut down for good, and you can be fined a hefty sum.

5 Facts About Hemp

1. CBD Isolate Comes From Hemp

CBD isolate is a type of by-product that is often used in cannabidiol formulas meant for products. When you think of isolates, it entails having just one main ingredient, which means this only has Cannabidiol and no other cannabinoid. Hemp has a large amount of CBD, so extracting it and making it an isolate is much easier than making a broad-spectrum.

Broad-spectrum means having two or more cannabinoids present in the product. This implies that THC may sometimes appear on your label, but rest assured it's of the legal amount. The FDA understands the need for THC in a cannabidiol product, so they presented a margin of 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol allowed. This amount is too small to induce psychoactive effects but just enough to trigger the entourage effect.

The triggering happens when two or more cannabinoids come together inside your body. The presence of other cannabinoids will enhance CBD's effect on your body in terms of potency and effect. Many customers prefer broad spectrum for these reasons, but some choose to have pure Cannabidiol, hence, CBD isolate exists.

2. Hemp Cleanses The Soil And Air

In general, plants are the little cleaners of mother nature, but one particular cannabis plant does an excellent job. This plant has been used to pre-plant a land right before putting a specific crop or an orchard. This is because this plant is one of the those able to eliminate any harmful elements that may otherwise hinder the crops' progress after it.

2 The Source Of CBD Isolate: 5 Facts You Should Know About Hemp

Hemp is known for its cleansing effect on the land and stretches its effect for miles on end. Many farmers have used the process of phytoremediation (link: to both clean a contaminated land or enhance the air and soil health of a particular area. This process happens when Hemp pulls out the soil's pollutants, thus leaving a healthier, more fertile land for planting.

3. Your Home Made Of Hemp

Are you just as surprised as we are? Hemp can be used to build homes and other industrial establishments in its form of Hempcrete. A hempcrete is made of regular concrete and hemp hurds, creating a very durable, versatile material. It can withstand earthquakes easily, as it's known for being crack-resistant.

This type of building material is widely used in Europe, especially in areas where earthquakes happen frequently. However, unlike concrete, Hempcrete isn't very strong. It has five times less compressive strength than concrete, which puts it at a disadvantage if you plan to make a massive house.

4. Hemp Isn't Just For CBD Products

Over the past centuries, this plant hadn't been popular because you can smoke it. It was used in many different life aspects, such as ropes, paper, plastic, and fabric-making. Hemp fabric can be compared to linen and cotton, but in conclusion, it's relatively cheaper. This because, unlike cotton fields, Hemp needs lesser water, land, and encouragement to grow.

Another creative fact is that canvases originated from Hemp. Canvas originated from the Latin word cannabis, which was used, and still is worldwide.

5. Hemp Helps In The Balance Of The Body

Homeostasis is one thing our bodies live a healthy and long life on earth. Homeostasis means balance, and it can represent every system and vital sign in your body. Do you know why fever occurs when we have an infection? It's because of the homeostasis, our bodies trigger to create antibodies and fight the source of infection. Having a fever doesn't mean the fever is bad, only that our body is still functioning enough to fight off the sickness.

It could be said the same for this plant. Cannabidiol, which can be found inside of it, is one of our body system's leading players. The Endocannabinoid System works with cannabinoids to reinforce balance. This means normalizing heartbeat, hormone levels, and even blood pressure. However, the ECS can only do this in the presence of cannabinoids.

That's why it's essential to take in CBD long-term, so it can work with your body and create a better state of health for you. After all, health isn't a positive turn in your body. It's merely normalizing everything to work optimally.

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