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5 Best Image to Video Converters

  • Category: Pics  |
  • 9 Apr, 2021  |
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Videos are always more fun and memorable than any other medium. Especially if you want to commemorate any special event or occasion, making a video is one of the best things you can do. Did you know that you can create a video using different images that you have? Yes!

With modern technology and innovations, it is possible to do so. Many companies have developed image to video converters. These apps help you to collect different images and convert them into videos.

You can even opt to do this online, but apps bring in more features and functionalities that help you attain better quality. There is no dearth of tools that allows you to do this, and that is why you can be easily confused to choose which one of them is the best for you. In search of the best image to video converter? Then here are the five that you can use in 2021.

InVideo Video Editor –

One of the best video editors available in the market now, InVideo has tons of different features that can help you edit, cut, modify, and do a lot of other things with your videos. The editor also has a library that includes great templates and stock videos of different genres.

It also allows you to modify your video by adding various elements like music, fonts, overlays, filters, etc. No need to spend hours creating a beautiful video because of the in-built assets that every user can access.

By spending only $20 a month, you can even enjoy the app's premium features - video exports, media library, video duration, text-to-speech, team members & reseller rights. You can select all the images you love and turn them into a video within a few minutes.

Share your newly made video directly from the app on different social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more.

1 5 Best Image to Video Converters

Pros -

• Quick and easy-to-use
• 1 million library elements
• Can share videos directly
• It does not need much time

Cons -

• Premium pack is very expensive
• It can take some time to understand

Wondershare Fotophire –

With this app, you can create staggering slideshow with simple features. The app is meant to be used to edit professional videos, which is why it comes with a simple yet very powerful UI. You will get used to it in a few days.

You can add your music to improve a slideshow & make the video even more fun to watch. By using one of the features, you can customize your slideshow with phenomenal layouts.

2 5 Best Image to Video Converters

Pros -

• More than 25 layouts are there
• Add your music and fonts
• Can process any video quickly
• It has an all-rounder toolbox

Cons -

• It does not support advanced features
• There is a lack of customer support

Imagetovideo –

A very powerful tool to turn your photos into video, Imagetovideo is available for use over the web. Imagetovideo is a tool that can perform a wide range of other functions as well. You can modify your newly created video by adding different elements like text, music, 3D transitions, filters, and others. Select up to 30 images at once to create a video. The app also gives you the option to arrange the pictures in the order you would want.

3 5 Best Image to Video Converters

Pros -

• Can select more than 30 images to create a video
• It comes with a versatile feature for very professional usage as well
• Download YouTube videos
• Enhance your videos with subtitles, audio narrations, and different filters

Cons -

• The premium plan is very expensive
• There is a limit for the file sizes
• Cannot support 8K display

PowerDirector 365 –

You must have already heard about Power Director, right? It is one of the best and most downloaded apps for video editing in the world. The app is developed by CyberLink and can support different OS like Windows, Mac, Android, and even iOS devices.

The developers offer the app for free, but if you want, you can subscribe to the premium mode and enjoy different other features also. We can say that this is a brilliant tool for any business that wants to create videos. Using this app, you can select multiple images and convert them into a seamless video.

4 5 Best Image to Video Converters

Pros -

• One of the most downloaded app
• The functions are smooth & easy
• Supports a wide range of OS
• Now add different video elements
• Supports full HD video quality
• Convert videos for mobile devices

Cons -

• Lack of advanced features that include adding audio or ant text narrations

VideoProc Editor –

VideoProc Editor is one of the most versatile video editing apps on this list. Its free trial version will help you understand and explore all the available features in the editor. Once the trial ends, you will have to pay $29.95 every month.

The best part about using this video editor is that it can support 4K/8K videos and easily perform the necessary tasks due to the full acceleration and the necessary skills to get it out. People using Mac and Windows can get it for free.

VideoProc can support more than 370+ codes. It can change it in more than 420+ formats - H264 to H265, MKV to MP4.

5 5 Best Image to Video Converters

Pros -

• Convert videos for mobile devices
• Hardware acceleration and boost
• Quick and smooth processing
• 4K/8K/HD/3D/VR support
• Affordable monthly charges

Cons -

• Cannot burn videos to DVD

Final Words

Image to video converters have gained significant success in the last few years. These apps or software are created with the best efficiency and precision. Whether it is a special occasion for your parents or any other event if you have many pictures preserved over the years, you can use any of the five mentioned above. So, get set go!

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