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Bad Designs (19 pics)

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  • 8 Apr, 2021  |
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"My local gas station coffee machine. Large is small and small is large."

1 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This drying rack’s water collection tray rusts on contact with any water."

2 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"There is no place to rip it at so it's a pain to use."

3 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This paper bag looks wet."

4 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This design makes you think you are pressing an alarm."

5 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This toilet at our local family hospital."

6 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"I'm a grocery delivery driver. This is what I'm confronted with in a block of flats."

7 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"The placement of these cooking instructions."

8 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This restaurant table that catches all the crumbs and food."

9 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"Spot the light switch, took me too long to find."

10 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This super easy to read address."

11 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This is needed to replace a single headlight bulb."

12 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This overly complicated microwave...a numpad would be more efficient."

13 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"You either wet your shoes or do some exercise to cross this bridge."

14 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"Paint on my new cheap barbecue melts when coal is burning."

15 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"I’m having an aneurysm just looking at this."

16 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This soldering iron has a screw on the handle direct connected to the heat source. It was burning surprise to say the least."

17 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"This laptop fan exhaust grating that looks like USB ports."

18 Bad Designs (19 pics)

"My city just replaced all their buses with brand new ones. The stop button is now located where you normally rest your knee. It’s super sensitive and people constantly hit it by mistake, so the driver has to stop although no one is getting off."

19 Bad Designs (19 pics)


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