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Corrugated cardboard box, brief history

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  • 22 Mar, 2021  |
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1 Corrugated cardboard box, brief history

In 1883 Andrew Dennison used a shoemaker's bench in the USA. He did it to make jewelry boxes as protection for jewelry and watches for a store of his son.

In 1885 a hand scissor was developed. This shear quickly became the main tool for making cardboard boxes.

American box

In 1879 an operator of his made a mistake in a printing and thanks to it he realized something important. He could replace the current system with another that allowed him to cut and split at the same time. This was a substantial improvement in the process. It also represented the start of the increasingly mass-produced corrugated cardboard process.

The early Thompson, Norris, and Gair machines were very small in size. They were barely 30 to 50 cms. However, their dimensions were increasing and they had to be driven by belts.

Initially the rollers were heated with gas injectors and later with steam. The outer sheets were glued by hand with brushes.

The size of the iron was small. The reason was that the corrugated cardboard was only used as interior reinforcement. The outer packaging was made of wood.

Around 1914 the Thompson and Norris company developed the inexpensive flap box. They are what we know today as ‘corrugated cardboard boxes with fins’. And it coincided with the moment of industrial development in North America. You have to place yourself in that moment. With the rise of manufacturing any product en masse, this box arises that ensures and protects.


Since that time the evolution has been constant. Many changes have occurred and progress has not stopped even today. It has advanced in materials and machinery. The technical specifications of the papers do not stop improving and this results in final improvements of the cardboard boxes and cardboard box template. And finally you have to add the capacity of computers. They have provided the necessary speed so that the production processes do not stop improving.

In short, cardboard boxes are still the preferred method of protecting and shipping products today. The only thing that can change is the method of buying them thanks to the Internet. However, its use is still fully valid.

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