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Fastest Growing Jobs for the Next Decade: what should we learn

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  • 18 Mar, 2021  |
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1 Fastest Growing Jobs for the Next Decade: what should we learn

The labor market is constantly changing, and professions that were in demand 5 years ago, today may be unnecessary and poorly paid. Foreseeing such changes is not easy. In 2005, expert analysts predicted that the top 10 professions by 2015 will include specialists in nanotechnology, marketing specialists, space workers, and programmers. Nevertheless, there are practically no vacancies for nanotechnologists and space workers. But there are PR specialists, marketing specialists, analysts, and programmers.

Analysts of the portal of job search say that now the countries have an overabundance of psychologists, designers, lawyers and a shortage of engineers, doctors, and agronomists. Since globalization processes have also affected the labor market, you can now choose a profession with an eye on the whole world.

The international employee search portal LinkedIn has published the top 20 in-demand professions in 2017. The top ten looks like this:

• Physician
• Pharmacist
• Sales engineer
• Internet security engineer
• Product Manager
• Financial Analyst
• Technical Project Manager
• Project Manager
• Database Engineer
• Scrum Manager

Trends of the present and professions of the future

Christopher Pissarides, Nobel laureate in economics, says in his lecture "Human Capital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" that there are very few areas where humans will not soon be replaced by robots. These are health care, education, hospitality, real estate, households, and personal services.

Analysts predict the globalization of technology, so IT and robotics will affect all areas of activity. Even the humanities will not be able to do without the basics of programming and algorithmization.

Hence, let’s check the main professions of the future:  

• IT Physician;
• bioethicist;
• genetic counselor;
• eco-analyst in construction;
• architect of energy-neutral homes;
• blimp designer;
• trainer of creative states
• architect of territories;
• game practitioner;
• urban ecologist;
• smart road builder
• Arctic navigation specialist;
• designer of the life cycle of space structures;
• space geologist;
• robotic systems engineer;
• designer of children's and medical robots;
• garment recycling specialist;
• Big Data model developer;
• digital linguist;
• intellectual-property appraiser

 Along with the intensive development of IT and eco-design, the service sector will actively develop. The essence of doctors' and teachers' work will change. Mechanical work that takes time and effort will be performed by programs. Therefore, specialists will have more time for additional education and learning new methods. Even today we have different tools to help us learn more. For example, when I feel this way, I just click to ‘proofread my essay’ or ‘edit my paper’ and I know that it’ll be checked by professionals. The sphere of online education will continue to develop.

It is impossible to predict unambiguously which professions will be in demand in 5-7 years. All the listed directions and professions of the future are tentative and compiled by analysts based on known and assumed trends in the development of the modern world. This list may be updated with new professions, in a couple of years, which we have not heard about before. But regardless of the chosen specialization, hard work and quality knowledge will always be valued in an employee. Therefore, when choosing a direction in training and future profession, the main thing is to love your business and strive to improve yourself.

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