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5 Must See Places in Italy

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  • 16 Mar, 2021  |
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1 5 Must See Places in Italy

“Amore a Prima Vista” which means love at first sight. Whoever visit the place falls in love with the beautiful country.

Italy the most visited place all over the world. It is the fifth most visited country in international tourism arrivals. Italy has the fastest growing tourism sector due to its rich heritage and culture. The sightseeing in Italy includes beaches, beautiful mountains, priceless ancient monuments and much more. There is so much to see in Italy. In this article, I am going to tell you about the 5 must see places in Italy.


Capital city and famous for the ancient Roman Empire. The city of Rome is a must see when one visits Italy. The city is embarked with many ancient monuments related to the ancient Roman culture. The famous ancient monument named Colosseum is in Rome. It is known to be the gladiator’s stadium where all the staged fights used to take place. Another famous monument is in the city of Vatican named St. Peter Basilique. It is considered as the seat of the pope, who is the head of the Catholic Church. Piazza Navona is also a worth giving a shot. It has collection of some beautiful fountains. Last but not least the Pantheon is one of the oldest temples in the history of Romans and one of the important tourist places in Europe. 


A very different and most romantic city you will see in Italy. The city has no place for roads. It is constructed on a lagoon and entire city has many canals and bridges. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of magnificent palaces in the city. St. Mark’s Square is the most beautiful tourist attraction. Another beautiful attraction is Grand Canal which runs through the heart of the city. A ride along the Grand Canal in the nighttime is the most poetic and romantic things to do when you are in Venice.


This city in Italy has a collection of colossal outdoor museum due to its beautiful art and architectural treasures. Piazza del duomo and Basilica de Santa maria del fiore are one of the finest among the collections. Piazza della signoria is the oldest square market one will see in Florence where you can admire one of the oldest Florentin architectural achievement goes by the name Palazzo Vecchio. Rejuvenate your love by taking a break from your work life and enjoy the architecture of Florence.


If you are a lover of scenic beauty and nature. You must visit Amalfi Coast and Capri in Italy. The place is a mixture of elegance, nature, rocky coasts and beautiful nature. In the Amalfi coast the best place to visit is the cathedral of Ravello and Positano. Marina Piccola, a sea scenic view in the Capri is among the best places to spend time with your loved one. 


This place is unique in its own way. Cinque Terre as the name suggests the land of five. The place is a set of five villages connected together along a short stretch of cliff on the Italian river. The five villages and the stretched coastline are no wonder why are UNESCO world heritage site. Every village has its own unique feature to be discovered. 

These 5 places are among the most beautiful places in Italy. Though the country is filled with so many cities with its own unique culture and beauty. But these five will take your breath away.

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