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How to Make Your Essay Stand Out

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  • 16 Mar, 2021  |
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1 How to Make Your Essay Stand Out

A college essay is very different from a piece you write in a high school. Its main difference is the absence of a typical introduction with a summary of the thesis. Hence, you can focus your attention on the entire text. But how do you create engaging and eye-catching writing? Here are our tips!

Catch the reader from the first word

This is the main rule. The reader should be interested in reading the whole essay. To this end, you can:

• Start your text with a question;
• Use an impressive quote;
• Tell about what will NOT be in your piece.

Even a single-word paragraph can be intriguing.

Don't be tedious

Attempts to show off decency or intelligence are not always successful. So show something unique. Suppose you went out on a date with a fellow student, and you want to be asked again.

Remember, you'll want to put your best foot forward. So write a college essay like this to go out on a second date. If that doesn't work, visit now. The skillful writers will help you create an attractive piece.

Make an accurate and excellent text

A well-written essay will always be interesting for reading. For example, use a readable font. It would also be nice to distribute the text throughout the page. Divide items into a consistent pattern by indenting or using the box style.

Don't forget about proper punctuation! If your text is full of mistakes, it will never look attractive.

Look at the topic from another angle

You can stand out if you think about things in your essay a little differently. When writing a prompt, you can unusually do this. After all, your goal is to impress the professor!

For instance, you can always write what you DON'T hope for. Also, you may not immediately reveal the topic of the essay, creating a kind of riddle. This can be done in the prompt's last sentence, after listing all the little things. So, if you are writing a biology college piece, then you can talk about your feelings that you have for nature. This is the best way to show why you enjoy studying this subject in college.

Moreover, you can always hide your opinion to the prompt in the text's main body or the conclusion.

Show your passion

If you're writing a college essay on a topic that you are really fired at, you will certainly reveal all your feelings about it. This will make your text stand out among dozens or hundreds of others that look too dry and lengthy. Think about what makes you unique. And the more unusual the statement, the better.

And to weave this interest into the topic of the piece, talk about how it relates to your education goals. Also, explain how the skills from your hobby will help you in the future. Or, give examples from life, show your own personal growth.

And remember, a unique college essay will set you apart from the rest of the students. Good luck!

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