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The Most Photogenic Motorcycles

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  • 5 Mar, 2021  |
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1 The Most Photogenic Motorcycles

What makes a motorcycle beautiful? The art of blending form and function, and the proper reflection of the brand’s philosophy in the bike’s design. Today we will discuss the most photogenic bikes of the world, the ones, which high pictures can rock your social media account and look more stylish than the Instagram logo. Each iron horse is a wonderful product of mankind, but there are still those two- and three-wheeled, which rose to the very top of aesthetics.

Every year all over the world different types of vehicles is created and released from the assembly lines. These are multiple variations of cars, trucks, and course motorcycles. Bringing together elements such as design, basic brand principles, customer motivation, practicality and feasibility of production, costs, and many other nuances, the final product form is almost always a point of balance by the time the machinery reaches the showroom.

In this article, we will introduce you top 5 most beautiful motorcycles in different categories. And you can always find out more about the history of the brand and its logo meanings on

Indian FTR 1200 S

Let’s start with classics. This perfect Indian cruiser is just impossible not to notice. The combination of V-twin power, low landing on a powerful cruiser, and an unforgettable feeling of flying on smooth roads is the new model we see after the reboot of the Indian brand. This motorcycle is meant to dominate the cruiser market not only in terms of power but also has an impressive design that few can match. For Harley Davidson, whose KR750 and XR750 were once the best in both design and on the racetrack, the FTR 1200 S is a worthy opponent. The motorcycle has a unique combination of flowing lines and visual power.

Suzuki Biplane

The general style of this bike is based first of all on the biplanes, which were furrowing the skies even in the days of the formation of aviation, as such. But the unique design of this Suzuki model is not its only strong point.

Suzuki Biplane has a 4-cylinder engine, arranged on the principle of V-shaped technology. The amazing power of this bike, which reaches significant performance in part due to the large working volume of the motorcycle at 1000 cm3.

Mach Ness Monster

The body of this masterpiece created by Arlen Ness is made entirely of hand-finished sheets of aluminum. This beautiful motorcycle is breathtaking, it is impossible not to want such a bike. But let’s be honest here, everything Ness does deserve to be on this list.

KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days

This awesome off-road bike is designed to update the dual-sport segment and bring fresh air to the industry. The KTM EXC-F bikes are designed to bring dual-purpose bikes closer to motocross standards in terms of power and performance. Therein lies the raw beauty, where everything is subordinate to the purpose of this motorcycle, of course, such beauty does not always have a comfortable seat, as well as the license plates, but the 500 EXC-F has both.

Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk has repeatedly been called the fastest, coolest, and most beautiful bike. No wonder, the power of this bike is 500 hp which makes it the most powerful motorcycle in the world.

The bike is equipped with a 10-cylinder Viper V-10 engine with a capacity of 8.3 liters. The length of the machine - more than 2.5 meters, width - about 70 cm, height - 90 cm.

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