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Human Body Facts (17 pics)

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Your eyes have the ability to distinguish up to 10,000,000 color surfaces. Despite how far technology has come, your eyes will always be king when it comes to taking in information.

1 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

At any given moment, your body contains (approximately) 2.5 trillion red blood cells. Did you know that your bone marrow is responsible for creating them? In fact, your bone marrow has to create about 2.5 million new red blood cells every second. That’s just RED BLOOD CELLS. Altogether, your body produces around 25 million new cells every second.

2 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

It takes less than 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circumnavigate your entire body. Think that’s fast? Nerve impulses travel at a stunning rate of 400 km/h (249 mph). On the topic of speed, a sneeze can generate winds of around 166 km/h (100 mph).

3 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

In one year, your heart will beat approximately 30 trillion times (or 100,000 times a day). That means that our blood travels nearly 60,000 miles throughout our bodies each and every day.

4 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

The surface area of your lungs is large enough to cover half of a tennis court. They ought to be pretty big, considering you breathe about 2 million liters of air every day without even thinking!

5 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

Whenever you touch something, you’re sending a message to your brain at a whopping 124 mph.

6 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

Our noses are pretty fantastic. They have the ability to warm cold air, cool hot air, and filter impurities with each and every breath.

7 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

On just one square inch of your hand, you will find 9 feet of blood vessels, 600 pain sensors, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors, and 75 pressure sensors.

8 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

There is enough iron in your body that if you were to extract it, you could make a spike that would be strong enough to hold your weight.

9 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

There are approximately 625 sweat glands on 1 square inch of your skin.

10 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

If you saved all of your blinks during your lifetime for one ‘massive blink’ you would have to close your eyes for 1.2 years.

11 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

The aorta is the largest artery in your body, and it is almost the diameter of a garden hose. Your capillaries, however, are tiny. It takes 10 of them to equal the thickness of a human hair.

12 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

Babies start dreaming before they’re even born!

13 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

Your gluteus maximus (your @$$) is the biggest muscle in your body. Each cheek weighs about 2 lbs (without the layer of fat.) The smallest muscle on your body is the stapedius (in your ear) and it is one fifth of an inch long.

14 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

Your body burns calories just by existing. However, you actually burn more calories when asleep than you do being awake watching a show or movie.

15 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

Your eyes never grow. Your nose and ears never stop growing. Your teeth are as hard as rocks, and your thumbnails grow the slowest while your middle finger nails grow the fastest.

16 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

The act of winking utilizes 200 muscles. Also, your gut contains around 2.2 lbs. of bacteria.

17 Human Body Facts (17 pics)

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