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Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

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  • 25 Feb, 2021  |
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"Being blamed for not buying things. Like, Millennials are killing X product line. Welp, the Boomers who won’t retire are clinging to the top-level jobs, so we don’t have the opportunities they did to move up and earn more money, so we have to be choosy about the things we spend our money on."

1 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"The use of the term “millennial” to refer to the general “young person with ideals I don’t agree with.”"

2 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"We got blamed for spring break covid outbreaks. We aren’t in college anymore."

3 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"I had to go on a business trip and work with an older lady who was just about ready to retire. I manage tradeshows and travel around North America to convention centers and hotels organizing events. She had an old-school way of checking inventory by hand. I’m pretty good with excel and salesforce, so I had a faster way of doing it.

I got the job done like I’ve been doing for years and left so I could go enjoy Vancouver. We’ve all heard the saying “Work Smarter, not harder”. She couldn’t get it through her head that the workday was done for me. I found out from another colleague that she called me a lazy entitled millennial with no work ethic.

I busted my @$$ and paid my way through college. I worked long hours and kissed @$$ to get to the position I’m in. I know plenty of other young professionals that have done the same. This idea from baby boomers that we’re entitled or lazy gets tiresome."

4 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"Born in ‘85, here, and my biggest irritation is that so many Boomers refuse to retire (I get that some are unable to, but many more can, yet won’t). GET OFF THE GODDAMNED POT AND LET THE REST OF US ###T, PLEASE."

5 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"That people don’t own a house because they’re “lazy”. I have taken the time to explain the loss of buying power, stagnant wages, automation, contract employees, lack of job security, cost of living in other areas, etc. play way more into it."

6 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"That I’m lazy and entitled. 60 hours a week logging while middle class boomers take 2 hour lunch breaks and take a half day off for golf."

7 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"I’m getting really tired of hearing about us lying around expecting handouts and not working. Especially when it’s a situation where the person saying it is standing in a room with a lot of millennials, all of whom have jobs, which is every single time I’ve heard this said in real life. Like, who here is lying around doing nothing? Whose your example? Oh it’s your neighbor’s best friend’s cousins son, he doesn’t have a job and lies on the couch all day. Okay."

8 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"That we don’t take our jobs seriously. I had to sit my peer (55+) down and tell him that the millennials he was b#tching about were the same age as the “very qualified and mission-focused” person he’s been working with for the past decade – myself."

9 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"“You must go to college and get a degree. You don’t want to be flipping burgers or changing the oil in some rich guy’s car.”

Does that, incurs a lot of debt.

“These irresponsible millennials and their elitist liberal educations! If they’d been smart, they’d go to community college and transfer/go to trade school. They won’t just take a job, any job to pay the bills. They could flip burgers. Why should we pay for their mistakes?”"

10 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"That we’re entitled. Having worked with the general public for over a decade, I can assure you the overwhelming majority of entitled and rude behavior comes from the over 50s crowd."

11 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"1981 here. The stereotypes are amazing. Every time I hear an insult aimed at “millennials” I’m amazed (and amused) that anyone thought it was an insult. An entire demographic dedicated to making sure everyone is doing something they believe in, that we all get the support we need, and putting Applebee’s out of business? I’m honored to be counted among them on a technicality."

12 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"I hate that millennials get pinned as being addicted to their phones. Like, always behind a screen and not interacting with the real world.

I for one try really hard to have good phone etiquette and what I’ve noticed is, boomers can be really bad at this. Some of the older people in my office and family are the worst offenders when it comes to texting at the table or just checking out on social media."

13 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"“Participation trophies”–these were for our boomer parents, not for us! And now we are blamed by them for being entitled because we got them!"

14 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"I, for one, am tired of hearing about the things we’ve “killed”. Tastes change all the time, this is not new."

15 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"I’m 31. I played golf with my father around Christmas. Before I got fired he asked how my job was going. I said it was ok, stressful, and they were giving me more responsibility. He asked if they were gonna pay me more, and I just laughed for a good few minutes. He had a bewildered look and said “well that’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it!? You need to stand up for yourself and demand more money”

I seriously looked at him and asked where he’s been the last 20 years. Employers don’t like your tone of voice, they kick you to the curb and get someone else willing to be their robot and be programmed to how they demand you act and carry out tasks."

16 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"When we are looked down upon for needing to use YouTube, etc. for learning tasks (e.g. changing a tire) that our parents were taught by our grandparents but the former never took the time to teach us."

17 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"When Millennials do ###t that Gen Xer’s and Boomers did, but for some reason we get derided as the ###ttiest generation to ever get whelped.

When Millennials take cooking classes and sewing classes and basic auto repair classes (and other ###t our parents were too lazy/busy to teach us, but no one ever talks about that part) we’re derided as being helpless and needing ‘Adulting Classes’.

When Gen X’ers and Boomers did literally exactly the same thing, it was celebrated at self-improvement and the American Dream and called ‘Taking a class down at the Y/Learning Annex/Community College.’"

18 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"That we don’t work hard. We’re the most overworked and underpaid generation, I have a bachelor’s and master’s and $30k of debt and I worked TWO jobs while in school and couldn’t afford to pay for it. I’ve been busting my @$$ for a decade making $10-$13 an hour, working over 40 hours a week. No benefits. And the younger generation can suck my ###k for claiming we aren’t radical enough, for the love of God we are simply trying to survive."

19 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)

"When someone makes mention of some “challenge” teenagers are doing like eating tide pods and people are like “Ugg, millennials.”

Uhm, no. Just because 4-5 people did something stupid and then the news decided to take it and run with it and make it sound way more wide spread than it is, doesn’t mean you get to generalize a whole generation.

Secondly, millennials are practically the age of the parents of the tik tok generation. It’s not a generic term for any young person doing something you don’t like."

20 Millenials Hate These Stereotypes (20 pics)


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