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Moving is always a change that is already stressful in itself. Your life will be easier if you address part of your moving to professionals. Find some time to check moving company reviews and ask for at least 3 moving Quotes. Below are six simple steps on the way to a new life.

• Sort it

First of all, make a selection of things when moving. Think of the move as a good chance to finally get rid of what you don't need or use. After that, make a list — it's easier to decide on what you need to transport. As soon as the list of things is ready, you can buy or order packaging for them.

• Pick it up

Preparing the packaging beforehand is very important. The most convenient packaging is boxes. It is advisable to buy them in at least three different sizes. It is important to pay attention to the thickness of the walls – they are two-, three-, four -, five-layer, etc. - the thicker the walls, the stronger the box and can withstand more weight. For the boxes, go to a hardware store or order packaging materials from a shipping company. Find the carrier's website and pay attention to the additional packaging page: the more complete the range, the better: this is a sign that the company attaches importance to the safety of the transported goods. For fragile items, you need additional packaging-bubble wrap. For everything else, you can use a stretch film . And, of course, you'll need scotch tape.

• Pack it up

When packing, do not overload the boxes. And do not forget to label them, it is better to sign them from all sides — so you will know what is inside, regardless of which side you put the box on. Put soft things in bags — when loading, they will go where the boxes can not fit. It is ideal to use a vacuum bag for clothes — so things will become even more compact.

• Insure it

When ordering moving services – pay attention to an important point: how much you will be insured for (it is necessary — for the full cost of things) and from what risks (full protection against all risks is desirable). Be sure to make an inventory of things with an indication of their cost.

• Save money

If you have a small number of things to move to another city, then ordering and paying for an entire car will most likely be expensive. In such cases, you can consider the option of a moving container or storage. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money.

• Track

If you order transportation from a transport company on the website or by phone with the collection of things from your address, you specify a convenient two-hour interval in which you will wait for the car, or the exact time of arrival of the car at your address. Then you hand over the items to the freight forwarder, and receive a certificate of acceptance of the cargo from him. After delivery of the cargo, you will be informed about the status of transportation (via SMS, mail), and you will also be able to track the movement of your cargo on the carrier's website, in your personal account or in the mobile app.

Do not underestimate the power of helpful videos with Moving Tips that were made together with moving professionals to make your life easier. Try to find time to watch some useful packing hacks or step by step instructions on how to move a refrigerator on your own.

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