Here's why Online Slots are Popular in 2021

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1 Here's why Online Slots are Popular in 2021

In recent years we have seen iGaming getting bigger and bigger. The online gaming industry has evolved and is played by millions all around the globe. With the ongoing pandemic having a damaging impact on how land-based casinos are run, online casinos have almost completely taken over the industry. It’s hard to see what will happen once the world gets a grip on the virus. Will punters come rushing back to gamble in traditional brick and mortar casinos or will they be happy playing online?

It's not only the gambling industry that has changed, but the games available have also evolved. Since the release of the original one-armed bandit slot machine during the 19th century in California, it seems slot machines are available on every corner of the internet. The games are so advanced now, with gambling companies using advanced graphics and sounds to make the user’s experience more enjoyable. One game that is growing in popularity is Ted Slot, as it is packed with fun features and incredible gameplay.

There are Free Slots available online

If you are worried about losing all your hard earned money on a slot machine, don’t be, because you can enjoy the game without having to use real money. Lots of online casinos let you play without having to use actual cash.

This is a great idea for someone who just wants to play for fun or if you are new to gambling online and you just want to learn how slots work. There is a wide array of free to play online slots available. So, you can enjoy the ups and downs of playing casino games without having to burn a hole in your wallet! Some online casinos will need you to join as a member, while others don’t need any details. It's not just free slots, but there is also Poker, 21, roulette, and many other games free to play online. Some of these games allow you to play live against others.

Better Payout Percentage Online

If you are a regular slot machine player, you have probably heard that the payout percentage online is better than most land-based casinos. Here is the average Rate to Pay (RTP) in traditional casinos:

• Penny Slot Machine: 88% - 90% Rate to Pay
• Quarter Slot Machine: 93% - 95% Rate to Pay
• $1 Slot Machine: 94% - 96% Rate to Pay
• $5 Slot Machine: 95% to 97% Rate to Pay

Although the Rate to Pay in traditional casinos is quite high, online slots are often 98%, and sometimes even 99% Rate to Pay.

How can online casinos offer such a good deal for their users? Well, unlike land based casinos, online gambling sites don’t have the same overheads. To run a land-based casino you have to hire staff members including waitresses and waiters, security, dealers, cleaners, accountants, the list goes on. Some of these casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so their electricity bills are often very big, especially if they run a lot of air conditioners. Online casinos have very few overheads in comparison, however, there is a lot of competition. To compete with other websites, they must offer their users better rates.

Online Slot Machines are Exciting to Play

With the ongoing pandemic, experts are still advising us to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of this deadly virus. It's been challenging for a lot of us to get any form of excitement in our lives these days, so many people have turned to online slots to get the adrenaline pumping.

Although it seems most casinos have reopened their doors, many enforce strict Covid-19 regulations. We are advised to practice social distancing, wear masks, and have minimal contact with others. Unfortunately, a night out in a traditional casino just isn’t the same as it used to be.

Slot machines need to be constantly sanitized after every use. Many people won’t feel comfortable on a slot machine that somebody else has just used, so the safest option is to play from the comfort of your own home.

Promotions and Bonuses playing online
Due to stiff competition, online casinos bombard users with constant promotions to help win their business. Casinos have also realized that these offers are a great way to encourage players to play on their slot machines.

There are lots of different types of offers out there such as:

• Free spins on an online slot machine
• Exclusive deals
• Slot tournaments with constant prizes
• Free money
• Bigger jackpots online

You rarely come across similar offers like these in a traditional casino. Plus, going from casino to casino trying to find the best promotions will take a lot of time. It is easy and convenient to compare deals from your own home.

Play when you want

In most traditional casinos, there is a limited amount of machines that are on the casino floor. Playing online, there seems to be a never ending amount of choices, so you are sure to find a slot that suits your style.

Online slot machines and casinos are open every day and every minute of the week. This lets you play slots whenever you want. Mobile gaming is the most popular option these days when playing slots online, so you can take your phone out and hit the slots from wherever you are.

There are slot gaming software and apps available to download that allow you to play slots offline. If you want to learn how to play the game or just want to enjoy the ride, you can download these slots and play without having to connect to the internet.


Although winning money gambling online is great, the main goal is to have fun. Let’s face it, you're not going to win all the time, so setting a limit on the amount of money you have to gamble with is important so you don’t go overboard.

If you are cautious with the amount of money you spend gambling, it can be a very enjoyable pastime.

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