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Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

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  • 8 Feb, 2021  |
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Choosing a brand name is vital in adequately representing all that a brand is all about. So, to avoid making the wrong choice, then there are things that you may need to watch out for. In this post, ten tips would help in choosing a brand name.

1 Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

What are the features of the right brand name?

2 Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

Ideally, the right brand name has to communicate a few things. With these things, you get to be sure that your brand name is suitable and the right one.
Here are things that make a brand name suitable:

● Uniqueness: A right brand name should be distinctive and able to stand out when called out.
● Proper communication: When a brand name is called or referred to, it should communicate all that the brand is about.
● Easily accessible: It has to be easy to interpret, say, Google, spell, and more. Even the weirdest name would need to be comprehendible.
● Future viable: When choosing a name, it has to be viable for many years to come, no matter the growth the brand experiences.

Tips On Finding The Right Brand Name

3 Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

Since you already know what the right brand name is all about, you need details on what should guide your choice. In this section are ten of the tips that should guide you in choosing the right brand name.

Here are the tips:

Tip 1: Communicate your brand goal.

4 Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

The idea of naming a brand means to represent what the brand is all about adequately. You would need to know who you are and the goals that your brand is trying to achieve. However, to do this, there are a few things that you should that should be made clear.

They are:

● Purpose: The question this part aims to achieve is why the brand exists.
● Vision: The vision concerns itself with what kind of future possibility your brand is trying to create.
● Mission: Like the vision of a brand, this deals with the means through which the brand’s future possibility is created.
● Values: this concerns itself with all the principles that guide your brand’s behavior.
With the combination of all these, your brand is effectively communicated. Now, you can choose a brand name that reflects all of this.

Tip 2: Check out your competitors

5 Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

Looking at what your competitors are offering makes it easy to understand the uniqueness that yours brings. This lies in your brand heart, and correctly understanding this helps in achieving the right brand name.

Note, your aim shouldn’t just be to get a proper brand name but one that is great for you as well. Knowing the type of character your competitors have would help achieve a different brand name that would tell the uniqueness of your brand.

Tip 3: Gather up the idea

6 Ten Tips To Choose a Brand Name (6 pics)

This is where all the fun happens and the primary process of developing the brand name. Here, get all the creative and stakeholders that are well informed on the brand ideologies and vision. This is where everyone is allowed to go wild and dig into the creativity of their minds.
It is suggestible that you start specific discussions that would serve as a prompter. Some of these questions are:

● Get all the best adjectives that represent the service or product that your brand offers.
● Narrate how your customers feel when they make use of your service or product.
● Engage in a free association of words that relates to your brand.
These exercises aim to help create words that resonate with your brand the most. So ensure that you have as much as you can, and then you can have a final choice of names.

Tip 4: Have more than one

After creating all the words, then decide on the best combinations for your brand name. Ensure that you try out different combinations and then develop one that everyone in the creative process feels connected to.
With this, come up with a list of at least three that can serve as a final choice.

Tip 5: Go easy

Another thing to consider when choosing a brand is that it is easy to pick up. If your brand is to become a household name, then people are used to pick.

Tip 6: Ensure it is not long

Long names have a way of getting lost in the course of building a brand. Sticking to just a few letters are always better as they are also easy to remember.

Tip 7: How is it pronounced?

A brand name that is hard to pronounce is a problematic one. Those that patronize your service or product should be able to pronounce your brand name no matter the region they are.

Tip 8: Confirm the Brand Name

Here is where you would mostly get frustrated as you would need to confirm the name that has been chosen instead of running with a name that has already been taken by another brand and is already registered.

Take up all the names that have been agreed upon and then run them through the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database of registered trademarks. Search all the combinations that have been chosen till you have arrived at one that is available.

Tip 9: Test out the name

If you have successfully passed the legal hurdle, then this is the most exciting part. Test out your top three brand names by creating mockups, logos, and packaging related to the brand.

Tip 10: Try out the name in other regions

Since you have the name ready and have most likely tested it out in your immediate environment. The goal of this is to make sure that it is well received and get optimum results for all the brand work that would be done in the future.

On websites like Torjoman, there is a platform that helps you check out the best name that means something positive in all regions where you would be operating. With all the tips highlighted in this post, you would need a way to translate the chosen name and even more.

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