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The Reign Of GOT And Similar TV Series Over Our Minds

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  • 29 Jan, 2021  |
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Watching TV series has become a part of the existence of the millenials and the Gen Z. They feel the need to consume content continuously as an escape to the outside world. Due to these high levels of content consumption and binge-watching favorite series, most of what millennials watch affects their real world. It reflects in their thoughts, actions, behaviors, and opinions.

When it comes to popular TV series, the impact is enormous, affecting society as a whole. Community starts following a trend of basing their life according to the TV series that has been hyped up and relating it to their world. Some reports suggest that a viewer is highly likely to mimic the characteristics and accents of their favorite character if they relate to them or find them amusing.

Successful TV shows have the advantage of becoming a part of social media trends where our generation spends most of their time. All the controversies are now a topic for discussion. There are many threads and chat rooms where people can talk about shows for hours and come up with conspiracy theories.

TV series affect not only the online world but also the regular lives of viewers. People start learning new languages, visiting exotic locations, psychoanalyzing behaviors, and developing new habits after being inspired by the content they watch.

The influence of GOT

Game of Thrones is one such series that has been extremely loved by people throughout the world. It has changed the way of watching television for most of the viewers. They are now more open to watching their favorite characters die without losing it. For better or worse, a series as successful as this one has impacted our society majorly.

According to a Social Security Administration report, multiple babies were named Khaleesi, Arya, and Tyrion in 2013 throughout the USA. Game of Thrones has helped increase tourism in Northern Ireland and helped the country grow economically. Dubrovnik, Croatia, had so many tourists at one point that they had to be sent away due to overcrowding. Students are now more inclined towards Medieval Studies, and a college in Berkley teaches Dothraki as an official language.

The show has somehow changed the way we consume media. In a Rolling Stones article, Rob Sheffield said that he felt as if ‘Game of Thrones has rewritten the rules of what you can achieve on a TV show.’ As a society, Gen Z is now more accepting of the flaws and the baggage an individual carries. This series inspires them to celebrate their differences and rejoice in what brings them closer. In Tyrion’s words, it reminds them to “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

OTT platforms bring in the opportunity to consume as much content as an individual wishes to without any efforts. However, the extent to which they let that content consume their minds is on them. The impact is inevitable, but at the end of the day, it is in their control.

1 The Reign Of GOT And Similar TV Series Over Our Minds

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