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How to Build Your Fan Base and Grow Over the Years

  • Category: Pics  |
  • 29 Jan, 2021  |
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1 How to Build Your Fan Base and Grow Over the Years

In the modern digital age, building an online community is crucial for musicians. Loyal audiences will more likely listen to artists' music, improving statistics on streaming services. The more plays artist receive on Spotify or Apple Music, and the more royalty he will receive. Getting a fanbase is difficult and takes time. The entire process of growing your fanbase doesn't happen overnight; rather, it is slow and continuous as the artist grows in his or her career.

A fan base comprises fans of public figures. Fanbases are basically people that consume an artist's music regularly. They are up to date with your growth as an artist as well. Social media followers are also considered part of a fanbase as they follow the artist brand on all platforms and also engage with content often.

Why do you need a fanbase?

A fanbase is usually the first set of people to download, stream, buy music. They are the cornerstone of an artist's career. These people attend concerts and even buy artist's merch. They help build your brand by telling their friends about you. The first people to share posts and tracks on social media are fanbase, and they are always eager to hear the next track or a new streaming music deal of their favorite artist.

An artist's fanbase is significant in following their music journey, and they also make up a key source of profit. Some examples of key sources of income include ticket sales, album sales, streaming revenue, and merch sales. In some other cases, a fanbase can indirectly push for endorsement deals and product placements. Companies may want to partner with the artist to promote their product considering the fanbase strength.

In the same vein, fanbases can determine how far along an artist has gone in their career. Artists that have been around for long usually have a larger and more dedicated fanbase. Newer artists on the scene will likely have smaller ones. A fanbase can push your career to the top as they introduce your music to potential fans as well. The fanbase creates buzz around your music and this is an essential part of getting heard by more people. Your loyal fanbase does this for you. How then do you get a fanbase?

The very important step is to ensure that your music reaches the front of your target audience. Only the right people can convert into fans as you cannot have a fanbase if no one plays your tracks.

Music has numerous genres and not everyone will like a particular type of music. All artists should know and make peace with this fact. Even popular artists like Rihanna have people who don’t like her music. Preferences and tastes differ so there is no single choice. This is why crucial to define your auditory. Who may like their music? Fans are usually people who enjoy music that sounds like your type of music. Once you have found your fanbase, you can move on to the next step and learn how to retain your auditory with quality content.

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