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What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

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  • 29 Jan, 2021  |
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This roofed storage component full of sliced logs in the middle of a prairie preserve in Nebraska.
A: Looks like an insect house to me.

1 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Florida/USA what is this odd plier?
A: Piston ring installation pliers.

2 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Small boxes with dead bolted doors about 10 feet off the ground. Wall of a cinema.
A: They are almost certainly access for speakers or lighting. If you stop to think about what would be involved in using a lift inside you can see why the access is outside. My guess is that this is an older theater retrofitted or perhaps a partition wall was demolished. You'd prefer to have an access space there, but if you can't-because it's an outside wall-you have to do this.

3 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Cast iron object dug out of the ground. The two holes are not the same size. Dimensions: 5x5x3 cm. What is it?
A: You have what looks like a Kirpichnikov Type mace head. Possibly pre-14th century or a recreation. Excellent find!

4 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Giant Cage, about 16′ in Diameter, maybe 20′ Tall. NY Route 203.
A: That's a corn crib.

5 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

What is this pendant? Belonged to my mother, possibly astrology related.
A: Not much of a mystery here. It's the cancer zodiac sign, in picture as well as in the lying "69" symbol that represents it.

6 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Unknown CEJ tool found at flea market.
A: I believe it is a bracket for a dial indicator.

7 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Green plastic scissor handle with metal loops and plastic teeth. No identifying marks.
A: My guess would be some sort of herb stripper. Sprigs go in the loops; teeth are closed, and stalks are pulled out.

8 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

I’ve had this around for a while, it’s very lightweight and wooden but very smooth.. what is this thing?
A: It's a hair pin.

9 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Please help me identify this badge! found while cleaning and have no idea what it is or where it is from. It is small about 5 cent size (pic for reference), it is solid and heavy for how little it is. On the back are the letters CYBB. I tried to search myself with no luck, please help.
A: Definitely Ukrainian state-related badge. Sign in the center — small coat of arms of Ukraine.

10 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

82 year old grandfather passed away. Found this in his garage. He grew up in a tiny Midwest farm town (may have relevance) but spent 30 years In Pennsylvania (Ford career) and then the last 30 years in south Florida retired.
A: The 2 clamps were not used together. They handled different size patches.

11 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Some sort of promotional item. What is it used for?
A: I’m not sure of the scale, but it looks like an acupressure ring — meant to help improve circulation in your fingers.

12 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Some type of old pressing machinery in my friend’s neighbor’s yard.
A: I'm leaning towards older printing press. For linocuts, wood block, or even paper-making, you'll run it through a press. It obviously helps put ink on paper, but it will also press out water from the paper being made. If I'm right, it would be missing a flat surface to put stuff on as it goes through the rollers.

13 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Reminds me a bit of an old tattoo gun but the dual ‘needle holders’ make me think not. Any ideas?
A: Ok, finally found it. Been looking at tonsil guillotines because they seemed close'ish, but it is a Beck-Schneck tonsil snare.

14 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

What are these long tall poles on the back of all these boats?
A: Outriggers to get lines off the sides of boat.

15 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Found it on the street, is filled with little metal balls.
A: That is an counterweight for an old adjustable height chandelier/ceiling lamp.

16 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Found in an old house. The balls inside are made of glass.
A: It is described in this document (in Italian) as being for determining the alcohol level in a filter for wine. Apparently it siphons directly from the barrel, at least based on my understanding from the google translation of it.

17 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Glass cylinder with one flat end.
A: This is a glass tube filled with concrete epoxy. It goes in the hole in the concrete before the anchor bolt. When the bolt is inserted it breaks the glass and the epoxy mixes with oxygen and solidifies, thus holding the bolt in place. I don’t think they are very popular since epoxy comes in caulking tubes these days.

18 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Cast iron dome-shaped object with a ring on top. About 4 1/2” diameter with three equidistant holes on side.
A: I think it's the top of a cast iron hitching post.

19 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

Strong sailing ship of cash (dollars and other currencies) in a Thai restaurant -- good luck charm?
A: I found articles from The Spruce and Feng Shui Today, and they both describe something called a "wealth ship". They both involve putting money on them in the hopes that they will provide prosperity. It might be what the model ship in your pic is for.

20 What Are These Things For? (20 pics)

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The first one is for bees, they build those little huts for bees to start nests in.

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