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Family Humor (18 pics)

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  • 21 Jan, 2021  |
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“I bought my grandma this hooded blanket for Christmas. Caught my dog staring at her while she made oatmeal.”

1 Family Humor (18 pics)

“Sandwich only sits with my wife, but I think I found a way to beat the system.”

2 Family Humor (18 pics)

“Wife said she wanted a small coffee table.”

3 Family Humor (18 pics)

“Wife thought this would be funny. She was correct.”

4 Family Humor (18 pics)

“My girlfriend lent her sister the car for the day and then she got this cake.”

5 Family Humor (18 pics)

“We live in a house and there are many nuts that fall from the trees in our garden. I crack them with a kitchen door. My wife doesn’t like it and says she would do the same but feels bad for the door. I presented her with a door for nut cracking.”

6 Family Humor (18 pics)

“I’m missing my family. I wish we could all get together like last year. I’m there, standing hollow.”

7 Family Humor (18 pics)

“Didn’t have an ugly sweater for the work Zoom party and asked my wife to pick one out for me. She made one instead. Be afraid.”

8 Family Humor (18 pics)

“My mom couldn’t find Google Chrome so I did this.”

9 Family Humor (18 pics)

“My 6-foot-tall son (13) thinks it’s funny to put things just out of my reach.”

10 Family Humor (18 pics)

“I think my wife is ready for Cyberpunk 2077.”

11 Family Humor (18 pics)

"It’s actually a mask that helps with her eczema and acne."

“How to get everyone in the family picture.”

12 Family Humor (18 pics)

“I got a PlayStation 5 for Christmas this year!”

13 Family Humor (18 pics)

“I got my brother a spare part for his bike for Christmas. Only spent about 4 hours wrapping it.”

14 Family Humor (18 pics)

“My great uncle is a mechanic, and for some reason, he decided to paint a propane tank in his garage into a Lego man.”

15 Family Humor (18 pics)

“I changed this 4 days ago. The wife still hasn’t noticed. I wonder how many days it will last!”

16 Family Humor (18 pics)

“Got my wife some zip-up PJs for Christmas...”

17 Family Humor (18 pics)

Bonus: “My wife left without saying a word this morning. This was on the headboard when I woke up.”

18 Family Humor (18 pics)


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#8's wife is an evil genius.

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