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Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

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  • 21 Jan, 2021  |
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“After several spontaneous abortions, the doctors told us that our chances of getting pregnant were extremely small. We still did it and I’m crying with happiness now.”

1 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“I beat anorexia and made it to my fifteenth birthday!”

2 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“For years, I ignored my dental and mental health. I can finally look at myself when I talk and smile in photos. The work is hard but worth it.”

3 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“After not seeing my grandparents for months, they finally figured out how ’to work FaceTime.’ This was my grandpa’s face when he saw me.”

4 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“My mom was recently let go from her job as a teacher but she didn’t get discouraged.”

5 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“She’s always been a passionate singer and is finally letting her voice free! She gathered the courage to audition for a musical and deservingly got a part in a Broadway show! Go, Mom!”

“The first number on my scale has been a ’2′ for the past 21 years, but not today.”

6 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“When I was born in Ukraine, the doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t live past my first year due to a heart condition. My parents wouldn’t accept that so they flew me to Israel for surgery. Today, I turned 27.”

7 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“When my mom passed away from cancer 3 years ago, her boyfriend was hit hard with depression. Now that he’s finally coming to terms with it, he’s visiting all the places they wanted to go.”

8 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“I was losing my hair due to anxiety and it made me feel sad and powerless. Then I decided not to give up and buzzed it all off. Here’s my first hairless picture. Hair or no hair, I’m still worthy of happiness.”

9 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“I found a passion for studying marine life and am finally volunteering at my favorite childhood aquarium.”

10 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“12 years ago, I was homeless. Today, I’m a homeowner.”

11 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“After 3 years of being harmfully obsessed with a girl that didn’t deserve me, I’ve finally broken out of my shell and started fighting off my depression and self-esteem issues.”

12 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“I’ve met this beautiful girl that made it all 100 times easier, feels like I’ve never been happier.”

“After half a lifetime of not smiling because I didn’t have proper dental care, I’m happy to finally be able to grin.”

13 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“I grew up thinking I had no talent in art. I kept painting because I liked it, but it never turned out nice. I didn’t care what it looked like anymore and then it started to become more and more amazing.”

14 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)

“16 years ago, I had a tooth injury and suffered through countless surgeries and pain. Thanks to the hard work of a single mother, I finally have a worthy smile again.”

15 Inspiring Stories (15 pics)


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