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Look Twice (18 pics)

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  • 20 Jan, 2021  |
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“My coffee looks like a galaxy.”

1 Look Twice (18 pics)

“This kiwi looks like a kidney.”

2 Look Twice (18 pics)

“This puddle looks like an aerial view of a forest.”

3 Look Twice (18 pics)

“The snow outside my porch looks like a polar bear face.”

4 Look Twice (18 pics)

"When you think someone is staring at you but it’s just the lamp’s reflection."

5 Look Twice (18 pics)

“The morning sun through steam looks like a massive fireball.”

6 Look Twice (18 pics)

“My Turkish rosewater gummies look like sashimi.”

7 Look Twice (18 pics)

“My shirt appears to be 2 vastly different colors in different lighting.”

8 Look Twice (18 pics)

“This shadow looks like a spy.”

9 Look Twice (18 pics)

“I ran out of food coloring while making cookies and now the dough looks like a transplantable organ.”

10 Look Twice (18 pics)

“This cat’s markings make it look like its nose is missing.”

11 Look Twice (18 pics)

“My friend’s new surfboard was made to look like a baguette.”

12 Look Twice (18 pics)

“My iPhone is disguised as a calculator and my calculator is disguised as an iPhone.”

13 Look Twice (18 pics)

"This isn’t a shadow, it’s melting snow that looks surprisingly like the Grinch."

14 Look Twice (18 pics)

“My mother-in-law has cutting boards that look like books when they’re put away.”

15 Look Twice (18 pics)

“The reflection of this coffee shop window makes it look like this car sells pies out of its trunk!”

16 Look Twice (18 pics)

“Took this picture of a Spanish ham and it looks like it’s a massive ham standing in an airplane hangar.”

17 Look Twice (18 pics)

"Where are this woman’s legs? Oh, now we see them."

18 Look Twice (18 pics)


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