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Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

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"Before bed, drink a full glass (8-12oz) of water and eat a banana. I’ve never had a hangover since I started doing it."

1 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

”Sardines. I know it sounds gross but something about the oil in the fish and the salt always settles my stomach."

2 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"As a New Yorker, there's nothing a red Gatorade and a bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel can't fix."

3 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"Take Vitamin B before bed and drink a black coffee and a Bloody Mary in the morning."

4 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"I like an edible with a ratio of 1:1 CBD/THC, a hot shower in total darkness, and a hot cup of bone broth with some butter and salt."

5 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"Some salty canned chicken noodle soup and a coke always makes me feel better."

6 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"Hot Cheetos or Takis combined with a Dr. Pepper and a whole lot of water. It works every single time for me!"

7 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"A long run. If you're going to hurl, you should probably nix this method, but it works for me."

8 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"A 7-Eleven Slurpee and chicken taquitos in the morning when I wake up hungover. I don’t know why, it just helps."

9 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"I stick Pedialyte in the fridge before I go out. Then I drink half when I come home, followed by plenty of water, and I drink the other half in the morning. Works every time."

10 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"A cup of tea with milk right before bed. Something about the combination of milk, water and caffeine just does it for me."

11 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"A blue Gatorade and a Coca Cola hasn’t failed me yet!"

12 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"Take 1 packet of Alka-Seltzer Lemon Lime, 1 packet of Emergen-C, 1 can of lemon La Croix. Mix it all together in a glass, and drink. Then eat a carb-heavy sandwich (Subway, Jimmy John's, whatever your go-to is). Go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Wake up and take a shower. It always makes me feel brand new."

13 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"Congee with dried shrimp and scallops, served with a big dollop of XO sauce. I use a rice cooker with a porridge setting and a timer so it leaves almost no work for me. I set it up before heading out for the night. Even if I don’t overdo it, I still have some great comfort food to enjoy when I wake up in the morning."

14 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"I go for a bacon and cheese toastie with tomato sauce (not ketchup ????)."

15 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"Quesadilla. I swear that something about cheese and a corn tortilla just settles my stomach and clears my head. Have it with some guac and a big glass of lemonade or juice and you'll be good to go."

16 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"I always keep a few cans of pears in the back of my cupboard for hangovers. I don't know how I discovered this remedy, but it does work."

17 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

"I'll drink a lot of pineapple juice (like, a galon) and it makes me feel better."

18 Hangover Remedies (18 pics)

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