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About Husbands (25 pics)

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  • 22 Dec, 2020  |
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"Thanks babe."

1 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Dreading finding out why my husband put a Q-Tip in a drill but also kind of can’t wait for the explanation. This wasn’t there when I went to bed and now it’s there this morning. Men are the most bizarre animals on earth, I swear…"

2 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Oooomg. Wtf is going on in my house right now?⁣ Seriously, he gets all excited when a package comes, then walks in like it’s no big deal and he isn’t wearing a billion copies of my freaking face! ⁣Seriously though, marry the guy who makes you laugh!"

3 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Husband asked what I wanted for my birthday… I replied, asking for a posh face mask to pamper at home… Suppose a snorkel is the same thing."

4 About Husbands (25 pics)

"My feet are cold…but not 100%. My husband is weird."

5 About Husbands (25 pics)

6 About Husbands (25 pics)

"This is what happens when you ask your husband who doesn’t drink much wine to pour you a glass of wine."

7 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Proofreading is important. Especially when apologizing to your wife."

8 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Husband put a mouse trap in the tree as an ornament to stop people from snooping at presents."

9 About Husbands (25 pics)

10 About Husbands (25 pics)

"This is what happens when you let your husband put whipped cream on your piece of pumpkin pie."

11 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Toby’s evening “snack” of Goldfish in milk…like cereal. WTF Who thinks this is normal?"

12 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Does anyone else wash their dishcloths in the dishwasher?! He’s a weirdo but I love him."

13 About Husbands (25 pics)

"At Which Wich and Jeremy was so excited that the guy read the whole name. My husband is weird."

14 About Husbands (25 pics)

"At least he tried?"

15 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Mark started the laundry today – not something he normally does – but even for him this is an impressive way to add the detergent. Now I know why I heard banging."

16 About Husbands (25 pics)

"When you ask your husband to plug your phone in and then you realize it’s still at 13% in the morning in his defense it was dark."

17 About Husbands (25 pics)

"My husband went rogue in slicing his piece of cake…"

18 About Husbands (25 pics)

"I never realized @crocs had to be stretched. My husband is weird."

19 About Husbands (25 pics)

"My husband made me a sandwich for breakfast. I asked him to cut it. He asked me how I wanted it cut. I told him I didn’t care. I should have specified- Not like whatever this is."

20 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Someone please tell me what’s happening here?"

21 About Husbands (25 pics)

"It seems our pest problem is larger than we suspected. Yes, this is a block of butter. People keep asking what married life is like, I think this sums it up fairly well."

22 About Husbands (25 pics)

"When ya boy knows he [email protected]#ked up Joe’s funeral will be next Saturday, BYOB."

23 About Husbands (25 pics)

"I appreciate that he made my lunch, but Dude, where’s the other piece of bread?"

24 About Husbands (25 pics)

"Who cuts watermelon like this! Only my husband."

25 About Husbands (25 pics)


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