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What promotional offers await you during the next week with Amazon, Zoom Video, CrowdStrike

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  • 21 Dec, 2020  |
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1 What promotional offers await you during the next week with Amazon, Zoom Video, CrowdStrike

The pandemic has made its own changes. But now the time has come for positive news regarding the reduction in the proportion of deaths from the virus and the invention of drugs for it, which will have a positive effect on the economy. November is already running out, but we are all looking forward to December with its positive attitude and good forecasts.

However, November improved our position. The Dow is up 13%. If everything continues in the same spirit, then January will be the top month, which has not happened since 1987. The S&P 500 is up 11.3%. We haven't seen this since April.

Investors were right this month focusing on cyclical stocks. It depends directly on economic recovery. Financial indicators grew up 17% in November, the industry grew up as much as 15%. All this means that the global economy will only revive further. 

Forex opportunities

Every day we learn that the Forex is the world's biggest financial market with an equally large number of investors and brokers. We can also learn more about market financial changes with the USA Forex Brokers. Why? Forex trading in the USA is legal and some of the US FX brokers provide CFD trading as well to US citizens.

In supporting these changes, we are going to draw attention to three important promotional offers:

1. Amazon stock

Investors are looking to Amazon for the busy Thanksgiving and New Year festivities. Americans are accurately forecast to spend $189 billion in November and December. This figure is 33% higher than in 2019. What's also notable is that, according to Adobe Analytics, the pace is twice the normal growth curve. Amazon charges $0.40 from one dollar. This is the most promising time for them.

Forecasts claim that the holidays will generate a large volume of online retail sales, which will help shoppers to comfortably buy everything they need while solving their quarantine problem.
According to Adobe research, customers previously spent $9 billion the day after Thanksgiving. Last year this figure was 21.6%.

Amazon invested a lot of its own resources to achieve this. The company hired 250,000 employees and rented warehouses for delivery. The stock stopped at $3,195.34. The increase was 80% per year.

To understand the market you can read about trading styles, mechanisms, players, and how the Forex brokers of the United States works. The forex industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, and how it changes greatly affects every transaction in the market.

2. Zoom stock

On November 30th, we will learn about the results of Zoom. Expectations suggest a gain per share of $0.759. Overall, profits will rise to $693 million. Everyone has to stay at home now and test new ways of communication. The one that benefited from the coronavirus crisis is Zoom. The network seems to be used by everyone without exception.

Zoom at the end of the summer spoke about a large number of clients. According to the company, there are about 370,200 corporate ones. This is five times more than before. Zoom’s sales increased by more than 4 times.

The company's shares jumped to $ 471.61. This is 600% higher.

3. CrowdStrike stock

On December 2, we will find out how Crowdstrike Holdings is doing. What is the fate of their income after the end of the season? They are projected to receive $213 million. This is 70% more than a year ago.

Due to the quarantine and the complete transition of a business to online, companies want to protect their networks, as the number of cyber threats is growing rapidly. At the same time, the shares rose by as much as 200%. There was $150.83 on Friday. In just 18 trades, the company was valued at $33 billion. And this is a brilliant result.

Online is a new good thing. Forex makes the stock more accessible and more visible. You can play on what is and do more. The above sentences suggest this. And Crowdstrike is one of them. as the best forex broker in the USA was also told about.

George Kurz, with the company board, has a goal of doing for security what other cloud companies have done for their customers. And they do it perfectly well in Crowdstrike.

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