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The Best Gambling Memes Ever

  • Category: Pics  |
  • 18 Dec, 2020  |
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Everyone loves memes used as a way to express thoughts, ideas, feelings and most of all making us laugh. In some cases, you will be laughing, but do you ever sit back and think what some of them mean or how the most popular memes came about. Let’s have a bit of a laugh and find out more about the funniest and most popular memes in the gambling world, from the online casino landscape to land-based casino humor. The word ‘meme’ has come a long way but still holds the same meaning as when it was first coined.

The Advice Mallard

The meme category gives players some advice on responsible gambling. So, giving players laughs and advice to make sure that no one gets lost in the betting high. It is fair to say that these memes aren’t really funny but does set the tone to be responsible when heading over to an online casino to try your luck. For example, the caption “Gamble only with money. You can afford to lose” is accompanied by a man pointing in your direction offering advice. But at casino sites, things can’t really be taken lightly as these types of ventures mean serious business. We haven’t really witnessed an online casino participating in meme activities and this is within good reason. They have to operate according to a strict set of standards granted by licensing bodies and authorities.

1 The Best Gambling Memes Ever

A Dollar Won

In some cases, just the excitement of winning is enough. Even though the player lost a lot of money, winning just a bit is more than enough. The caption “Gambling: Lost $1.5k, but won $1” is always accompanied by an excited player in the background, never thinking about the loss, only the win.

2 The Best Gambling Memes Ever

For Mature Folk

The next meme speaks about how the older individuals have recently discovered they can now play the games they love from the comfort of their homes. Bingo has long been a favorite of those from the older generation and moving the game online has made so many people happier. The meme is usually accompanied by an image of an excited elderly person in front of a computer screen, one such example comes with the caption “Life-Changing Discovery: I Can Play Bingo Online??”.

3 The Best Gambling Memes Ever

Gambling in Africa

This one is a play on words, with the caption “Why is there no gambling in Africa? Too many Cheetahs”. This one really gets everyone laughing, implying that there are too many ‘cheaters’ in Africa for gambling to exist. Even though there is gambling in Africa, it still gets you right in the funny bone, accompanied by a thoughtful animal or person in the image.

4 The Best Gambling Memes Ever

The Poker Dog

Here we have a dog playing poker, wearing a polo shirt and a serious expression. It comes with the caption “The game’s not over yet, you still have a shirt”. This one implies that the stakes are high and the opposing player wants to clean you out and even take the clothes off your back. There are also some poker chips flying around in the background implying that you will have to be all in to get out of the game.

5 The Best Gambling Memes Ever

Meme culture has found a way to be a way of communicating, without having to speak or even type any words to those who are in on the culture. Which makes for an entertaining experience that will have you thinking and laughing all the way to your favorite casino.

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