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Christmas Fails (19 pics)

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  • 15 Dec, 2020  |
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Merry Christmas everyone.

1 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

My friend drew me this winter wonderland picture on my shop window, only for a van to be parked in front of it for the last 24+ hours.

2 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

My wife started painting ornaments for Christmas, and only realized after she finished this bird that she did it upside down :/

3 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

‘Tis the Season

4 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

My friend writes "Apparently I bought a brining bag instead of a baking bag."

5 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

The holiday season means bottomless egg nog!

6 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

Merry Christmas to the ground.

7 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

My municipality's attempt on designing a Christmas tree.

8 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

I had this hat for a VERY long time and today I Took a closer look and to my surprise the images was well this.

9 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

'Tis the Season

10 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

Got an interesting package in the mail today. I have no idea who sent it….merry Christmas I guess.

11 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

I ordered mundane items from Amazon, I got a delivery notify, I asked my son to bring the box in and said jokingly, Don’t open it it may be Christmas presents! He has asked for a Switch for Christmas, he now thinks he’s getting one because of the promo on the Amazon box, sadly this isn’t true.

12 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

After buying Christmas decorations for my house, I was biking home and was hit by a car (hit and run) causing me to black out from massive head trauma. This is how much I owe for my ambulance bill.

13 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

Got home from work and found some sparkling apple cider. Drank bout the whole bottle before I noticed it was expired by 5 years, it didn’t taste off or anything, it just looked darker and there were some black flakes at the bottom. I’ve been sh*tting pure liquid for the past hour.

14 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

I ordered a 6ft tall rainbow tree from a Facebook ad and this is what showed up! I'm crying from laughing so hard, I've never had this happen in real life!

15 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

I put a Christmas Story lamp in my front window and not one of my neighbors recognized it. Several have stopped to ask why I have a “weird, gross leg” on display.

16 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

Going to visit my family, had to postpone my trip 2 weeks, now I had to book a cruise ferry to get there... it ran aground and I'm now stuck on this ferry.

17 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

Friend of mine waited in this massive line for ps5 He was in the first 20 or so people in line, some who were there for days. Straight through thanksgiving. GameStop walked out this morning and told them all they had ZERO ps5s.

18 Christmas Fails (19 pics)

What i got vs what i ordered :(

19 Christmas Fails (19 pics)


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