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Krampus Facts (6 pics)

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Krampus is terrifying

Krampus is a Christmas demon. He is a devilish figure with long horns and a goaty beard that often resembles the typical portrayal of Satan. He is said to roam Alpine towns while wearing bells and chains to intimidate onlookers before whipping them with bundles of sticks.

1 Krampus Facts (6 pics)

December 5th is Krampus’ day to terrorize

December 5th is Krampusnacht. According to legend, Krampus will spend the entire night visiting each house. He may leave the children sticks, or he may just hit them with them. It is said that Krampus may even throw children in a stream or take them directly to Hell if they have been bad enough.

2 Krampus Facts (6 pics)

Krampus and Santa are pals

Krampus is the milk to Santa’s cookies. Since Santa only focuses on the good children, it is Krampus’ job to punch the bad. They act as a yin and yang of the Christmas world.

Krampus celebrators hit, push, and whip their spectators

Krampus is known for primarily whipping people with his birch bundle as it is a trademark of his punishment. While one may not think that they are in any harm at the Krampusnacht parades, participants are said to beat people’s thighs and shins as part of the “celebration.”

3 Krampus Facts (6 pics)

Krampus’ Feet

No one is sure why Krampus looks the way he does but he is often depicted with one human foot and one cloven hoof alongside his horns and long tongue.

Krampus is around all year to deter kids

Krampus is said to deliver gold-painted bundles of sticks to homes for decoration. The idea behind displaying the bundle is to deter children from being bad by constantly reminding them of his presence.

4 Krampus Facts (6 pics)

Krampus masks are worth some money

Krampus celebrators are all about the look and tradition. The masks are typically made of wood and are hand-carved by special artisans for the season. Older masks are valuable antiques and are even displayed in museums devoted specifically to Krampus.

Krampus is becoming more mainstream

American’s are becoming more aware of Krampus through the efforts of pop culture and appearances on shows like Venture Bros., Grimm, Supernatural, and The League. You can even attend a traditional Krampuslauf (Krampus run) in most major cities in the United States.

5 Krampus Facts (6 pics)

Fascists 1, Krampus 0

Between 1934 and 1938, when Austria was under Fascist rule, Krampus was seen as a symbol of sin and anti-Christian ideals. Krampus was effectively cancelled and anybody seen celebrating Krampus was immediately arrested.

6 Krampus Facts (6 pics)

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